Last night’s competition proved to be a bit of a mixed bag: very few acts received unanimous praise from all quarters, plus some of the biggest crowd favorites wound up getting standing ovations without impressing the judges much at all — and that’s to say nothing of the Great BuddyTV Schism of the Part Four Quarterfinals. Thankfully, we’ll all be united tonight in appreciation of the most resonant marriage of art, entertainment and popular appeal since the Beatles: tonight, we get a performance by the Backstreet Boys.

The live blog starts now:

Nick mentions off the bat that we had a “strange night” last night, and the ensuing montage highlights the judges’ diverse opinions. I have to say, I know what I liked, but I have no idea who’s going forward.

The next segment highlights the prop work of Al Harris, the very sweet, incredibly bad comedian. He refuses to go offstage once again, this time burning into commercial break time with terrible “nicked canon” jokes. I have to admit, I laughed.

From there, we get our first round of results:


The Robotix


Tummy Talk

David Ferman

David Ferman is easily the biggest surprise here; his presentation was lacking, but there’s also no arguing with juggling fire upside-down. Just didn’t strike a chord with the voters I guess, though he could probably have a successful show if he hired some writers.

Backstage time now, as a few of the acts are interviewed. Taylor lands a good zinger on Heidi, noting that her criticism that he’s inappropriate is pretty rich considering she walks around in her underwear all day.

We then have two songs from the Backstreet Boys: the first one is their new single, and it’s kind of a depressing affair, but all is forgiven when we get to “I Want it That Way.” Oh Backstreet Boys, you’re exactly what you are.

Then we have some results:


Penny Chorus and Orchestra

Cami Bradley advances to the semi-finals.

Kind of a bummer to see 3Penny go, but it’s no surprise that Cami’s moving on.


Aerial Ice

Champions Forever

Jimmy Rose advances to the semi-finals.

I was never entirely sold on him, but it’s no surprise that America turned out in his favor here.

After that it’s time for the final round of results:

Timber Brown advances to the semi-finals.

That leaves Chloe Channel and Taylor Williamson at the judges’ discretion. This time around, the two contestants are given the opportunity to make their case to the judges: Chloe says that she has a lot to give and her whole life ahead of her — okay then — while Taylor says that laughter is healing and he could really use a million dollars.

Heidi votes for Chloe Channel

Howie votes for Taylor Williamson

Howard votes for Taylor Williamson

Mel B. votes for Chloe Channel

That leaves it at a split decision, leaving Nick to announce the winner in literally the last five seconds:

Taylor Williamson advances to the semi-finals.

Totally correct. As Chloe so oddly said herself, she has her whole life ahead of her; this is Taylor’s time.

Last week marks the last round of quarterfinals, so be sure to tune in on Monday!

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Ted Kindig

Contributing Writer, BuddyTV