If you’re a fan of Big Brother 14, you’ve probably been eagerly awaiting the first huge fight of the season. And I’m happy to report it arrived Tuesday night. After a day full of drama following a huge house meeting, HoH Willie’s fuse was ignited and there was a massive blow-up filled with some of the greatest curse quotes since Samuel L. Jackson had it with those mother f***ing snakes on hat mother f***ing plane.

SPOILER WARNING: This article contains spoilers from the Big Brother 14 live feeds.

The massive fight was between HoH Willie and nominee Frank. It seemed inevitable since Tuesday evening Willie, as HoH, got access to a computer so he could blog and tweet. One of his first tweets on the official Big Brother HoH account was “i dont trust anyone in here HELP.” That accurately establishes Willie’s Nixon-esque paranoia.

The preshow for the meltdown began at 10pm PT. Willie was in the HoH room with Britney, Ashley, JoJo and Ian and he was venting about how everyone is talking smack about him and trying to get him out. And that’s when he said the following:

“They better not say nothing to me, cuz I’ll knock a n**** out.”

I’m not paraphrasing or taking anything out of context, that’s what Willie said on Big Brother: After Dark. To Ian’s credit, several minutes later, when they were leaving the HoH room, he warned Willie against using such language lest he become the center of an Internet controversy (too late).
The poop really hit the fan at around 10:25pm when Willie walked outside for a cigarette and ran into Frank. Here’s the relevant backstory: Willie has been fighting hard for Frank to stay, but Frank has been going around telling everyone that he’s going after Willie next week if he stays. There was also some dispute over whether or not Willie was using a derogatory high-pitched voice when making fun of the openly gay Wil.

And all day people have been bad mouthing Willie as a paranoid ruler after his Tuesday morning house meeting with all the newbies where he warned everyone that the coaches will enter the game and they shouldn’t listen to them.

So at 10:25pm Willie started yelling at Frank, cussing up a storm and complaining that he was trying to save Frank all week and now Frank is screwing him over and making him look like an idiot.

Frank’s main point, which is verified by Joe, is that Willie was trying to get some of Janelle’s team members to vote to evict Frank so that Frank would still be safe, but the vote would be close and Frank would then go after Janelle’s team instead of Willie and Shane. That’s true, but Willie doesn’t really care or admit to it.

What followed was an epic fight, the first huge blow-up of Big Brother 14. Here are the best Willie quotes to Frank.

“I’ve been trying to save your ass, then you’re gonna come sling my name in the dirt. And make me look like I’m a f***ing idiot.”

“I said no lie to anybody in this God damn, mother f***ing house and I’m getting dragged down like I’m the biggest mother f***ing piece of s***!”

“I hope you go home this week. I hope everybody changes their God damn votes and you go home cuz you a shady mother f***er!”

“This is getting bulls*** right here. I’m just done with it. I’m done with it. I’m done with it. I am so f***ing done with this s***. I am done with it. I hope you go home this week.”

“I know I’m probably going home, but I want you to go home this week. You’re screwing yourself. If you would’ve just shut up like I told you a thousand times, I told you a thousand times just be quiet, you’re OK. And you kept on running your mouth.”

“I’m not gonna be awkward. I’m a f***ing grown-ass man. And when I come in and get something to eat, I’m gonna f***ing sit down there and eat some f***ing food, Fruit Loops or whatever, cuz that’s what I wanna do. And I’m gonna come out here and smoke and I don’t give a f*** who’s out here!”

Willie: “You gonna be knocked out.”
Frank: “We’ll see. We’ll see, and hopefully I won’t be.”
Willie: “And if you won’t be, you’ll be knocked out next week, cuz you just don’t know.”
Frank: “No, YOU don’t know.”
Willie: “You don’t know what I got, son.”

“Kara, I swear to God I hope you stay in this house, baby. I really do. Cuz you are an honest person. He’s not.”

“And I tell you, two people that you had, you don’t have no more, just to let you know.” (This was Willie nearly outing his super secret Final 3 alliance with Ashley and JoJo.)

At this point, about 10 minutes into the totally awesome argument, Mike Boogie got involved, complaining about how Willie is bullying everyone and trying to act like a tough guy to prove himself just because his brother is a reality star.

Then Ian came outside and said “So I’m gonna make a DiGiorno. Would anyone want to split it?” That successfully diffused the situation, got a big laugh, and put an end to the madness.

So what happens next? Well, it’s hard to figure out if the blow-up will help or hurt Kara’s cause. She definitely has Danielle’s vote, and if Willie is to be believed, she’ll now have Ashley and JoJo (though there’s a good chance those two girls will jump off the sinking ship that is an alliance with Willie). It’s also likely Kara can have Wil’s vote since they’re good friends.

On the flip side, Ian and Jenn will definitely vote with Team Boogie to save Frank, and Joe seems to trust Frank quite a bit (he’s the one who exposed Willie’s plans to Frank, after all).

That would leave Shane as the potential swing vote, and he might be willing to stick with Willie and now turn on Frank. The irony is that shortly after the blow-up Janelle ran into Willie and Shane and mentioned that they might not have the votes now to get rid of Frank, which is exactly what she was telling Willie to do all along.

We’re still just under 48 hours until the live eviction, and given everything that has happened so far, there’s no telling what madness will go down between now and then.

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