Following the inner workings of Big Brother 14 is already maddening. The person targeted for eviction is changing every few hours, but even more confusing than that is the wild speculation about what other twists are in store for the season. The four coaches are playing their own game, but will they get a chance to play the actual game as well?

SPOILER WARNING: This article contains information from the live feeds not show on TV.

Anyone watching the live feeds knows that Janelle and Britney have joined forces for a super alliance between their teams, but beyond that, the two returning females are 100 percent certain that they will stop being coaches and start being players in the game, possibly as early as next week.

Part of me admires them for planning for a possible future because anyone who watches Big Brother knows that there is absolutely going to be another twist or two in the game, especially since this season only started with 12 players.

But on the other hand, Janelle and Britney seem to be falling into the same trap as Lawon last season when he asked to be evicted because he was certain he’d come back into the house with a “special power.” And that worked out poorly for him as he was gone and Brendon got to come back.

So there’s a fine line between planning for a possible future and sacrificing your game for an outcome that will never happen.

In this case, I think Janelle and Britney are half right. There’s no way the show would just completely drop the coaches twist and let them all enter the game. But I do think things will get shaken up at some point.

Some HGs think there will be a trade opportunity, perhaps tied into a coaches competition. But I have a different, more complex and insidious theory.

Maybe a coach will be allowed to enter the game after their entire roster is evicted. Right now there is talk of evicting Kara this week and Danielle next week just to get rid of Dan. But what if doing that allowed Dan to enter the competition?

Obviously that coach would IMMEDIATELY be a target, but that’s where a second twist could come into play. At that point, Julie Chen could let the coaches and players know that only ONE other coach will be allowed to play the game, and that will be the coach whose team is evicted first.

With this twist, the coaches would be encouraged to target their own teams just for a chance to get into the game. Allies would become enemies and we would see just how far the coaches would be willing to go to play the game.

Of course this is as speculative as Janelle and Britney’s notion that next Thursday, which they’ve nicknamed “halftime,” will be when the teams are disbanded and the coaches start to play the game.

What do you think the next twist on Big Brother 14 will be?

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