Just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean they’re not out to get you. That should be the motto of Big Brother, because paranoia is the name of the game. All week long HoH Willie has gone back and forth on who to evict this week, and in the last 24 hours that has changed several times, as have his many alliances and his relationship with his coach, Britney.

SPOILER WARNING: This article contains information from the Big Brother 14 live feeds.

Willie’s First Alliance: Originally Britney and Janelle joined forces and united their two teams, forming a six-player alliance. While that is still on, it’s being held together by a tiny thread at this point since Janelle and Britney have turned on one another and this alliance seems destined to die after next week, if not sooner. The main source of discord is that Janelle wants Frank out while Britney wants Kara gone.

Willie’s Second Alliance: The real reason Britney wants Frank to stay is that Willie does because he has made a deal with Frank and Boogie. In fact, there seems to be a Brigade Lite situation going on with Willie, Frank and Shane.

Willie’s Third Alliance: Finally, Willie has made it very clear that he’s devoted to a Final 3 deal with JoJo and Ashley. It seems like someone is taking a page out of his brother’s playbook, aligning himself with two women.

Britney Exposes the Potential Twist: For several days Britney and Janelle have been secretly discussing the almost inevitable twist of the coaches entering the game. Well, last night Britney, fed up with Janelle, told Willie all about this theory and decided that she wants to spill the beans to everyone in the house about how the coaches may enter the game. Why would Britney do this? I have no idea. It seems clear that Britney has completely lost control of her team and that Willie is telling her what to do.

In just one week Britney has proven that she isn’t one of the most successful Big Brother players of all-time, and in fact she’s a rather pathetic sheep who can only follow other people without making up her own mind. In season 12 she let Lane and the Hayden do most of her thinking (the one time she was HoH they used her to get rid of Matt) and this time she’s already handed off all decision-making duties to Janelle and now Willie.

Janelle and Dan Team Up: Due to the friction over the vote, Janelle has moved on to Dan, telling him that Kara is gone and there’s nothing he can do. Dan, however, is convinced that he will be able to convince JoJo or Jenn to vote out Frank, and if he does, he will bring Janelle in so that she can have her three players vote with them to get rid of Frank. But Janelle seems to know this plan will NEVER happen.

The real question is whether Janelle genuinely wants to break away from Britney and align with Dan or if she’s just protecting herself. I’m sure she knows that the producers always manipulate competitions to get the most drama out of a scenario. If Kara is evicted this week, Janelle probably knows that Danielle could easily win the next HoH because there’s no way the producers want Dan’s team to be the first three people to go home.

Newbie House Meeting: As if all that drama wasn’t enough, Willie held a house meeting Tuesday morning in the HoH with all the newbies, essentially telling everyone that he’s certain the coaches will enter the game and that they need to target them if that happens and not let the veterans control the game the way they did last season. It was basically one long rant against letting the coaches play the game.

Of course as soon as it was over the coaches were informed of said conversation. The most interesting tidbit came between Joe and Janelle when she told him that the contract she signed said in bold print that she would NOT be playing the game or going to the jury house. This sneaked in despite the producers’ scolding her for talking about these kinds of things, but it doesn’t make sense. Janelle was the one who originally talked to Britney about how they would play the game, so either Janelle was lying to Britney while plotting their entry into the game or she’s lying to Joe to throw the newbies off the scent of the coaches entering the game.

Whatever happens, there’s a good chance everything can shift in the next two days. Now that everyone has been exposed to the “coaches will enter the game” theory, everything can shift. Will Willie decide that the thought of Boogie playing the game and teaming up with Frank is too dangerous, or will he trust that Frank has his back and evict Kara?

One thing is clear about Big Brother 14. After just one week, there’s a whole lot of drama and a whole lot of paranoia.

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