Nine cheftestants remain in this 10th season of Hell’s Kitchen. After saying goodbye to Royce last week, the competition is that much closer to crowning the 2012 winner and new executive chef of Gordon Ramsay’s Steak at Paris, Las Vegas restaurant!

The show exhibits the cheftestants’ abilities to cook, yet tonight the tables will turn. Competitive eater Joey Chestnut will join the Red and Blue teams for a wing-eating contest. But that’s not all folks! Stick around for a blind taste test, as well. There’s a lot of eating in the kitchen tonight!

“Clemenza, will you do me a favor and lead the team now?” asks Robyn. It looks like the femme fatale is on the prowl. She’s looking to grab someone and pull them over to her side. Clemenza falls for it.

On the other hand, Brian is having to deal with Tiffany, whom he calls a name that I would most likely get fired over publishing. She should definitely get that temper checked, though.

The next morning, Chef Ramsay stands in the dining room ready to explain the day’s challenge.

Challenge: Both teams will join together in a wing eating competition.

Justin and Brian of the Blue Team and Tiffany and Barbie of the Red Team sit alongside Chef Ramsay at the table. “Ready … set … STOP!” yells Chef Ramsay. Yeah, right! There is no way Ramsay was going to stuff chicken down his throat on national television. In walks competitive eater Joey Chestnut. The winner of this challenge will not only defeat the champ, but walk away with $500!

Guess who wins. The champ. What was that even for? That was the biggest waste of time!

Actual Challenge: The teams will face off (again) one-on-one in a blind taste test.

Will those who ate wings be able to decipher what is what? Let’s see! Oh yeah, Kimmie sits out because she smoked that morning.

Brian starts the Blue Team off to a great start, getting three out of four items right. Christina, on the other hand, finds turkey to taste like tofu. Wow.

Barbie, who mentioned her lips being “numb” from the wings, grants her team just one point. That’s enough to catch them back up to the Blue Team, since Robyn gets NONE of the items right.

Clemenza might cook eggplant everyday, but he sure doesn’t know what they taste like. Walnuts help Tiffany and her team take the lead by one point.

It’s up to Justin and Dana to close the challenge out. Guessing sunchoke (of all things) correctly will award their respective team a win. Dana upsets the Red Team by saying carrot, but Justin guesses right!

Challenge Winner: The Blue Team

For the first time ever, Justin has managed a perfect blind taste test score. He and the Blue Team will enjoy a water park all to themselves. The Red Team, unfortunately, will be handling delivery day all day long. “This is not gonna be a good day,” whines Kimmie.

While Clemenza, Brian, Justin and Robyn have fun all by themselves at Raging Waters, the Red Team is feeling the heat, even if they’re lugging bags of ice into Hell’s Kitchen. Tiffany carries a bag into the prep space, but drops it. “My life sucks so much right now,” she moans. Plus, Kimmie accuses Barbie of having the easiest job, taking the bags off of the pallets and lining them up so her teammates can grab them quickly. Sounds like a nice gesture if you ask me, but whatever. Kimmie acts as a bully, and an argument ensues.

“We’re gonna expend a lot of energy today,” explains the calm Christina. “I don’t wanna do it fighting.” At least someone is level-headed.

Brian has a death wish or something. I mean, we all know that guy is weird anyways. He basically jumps into this death-defying slide and gets somewhere around “12 to 13 feet of air,” as he says. The Red Team finishes bringing in the deliveries to the kitchen, but orders from Chef Andi prove that their day is not yet done. They split tasks of peeling potatoes, grinding peppercorn and draining the fryers of oil.

The Blue Team comes back from their fun day at the water park and meet up with the Red Team in the dorms. Just when the women thought the deliveries were over, another horn sounds off. It’s a special delivery! Everyone gathers around for the big reveal.

“C’mooooooooon, what’s in the booooooooox?” whines Brian.

On the laptop screen that was submerged in the box pops up a little Chef Ramsay. Tomorrow night’s service will be a Blue versus Red menu. Both teams have an hour to get their menus together.

Kimmie immediately feels left out because no one wants to take her input. Not everyone eats mussels, and fried food is not exactly the in-crowd thing for healthy food enthusiasts. Think again!

“Me and Justin are completely on the same page,” says Brian. Everything that Justin tosses out, Brian seconds. Robyn has really off-the-wall ideas that everyone is turning down, and poor Clemenza doesn’t stand a chance.

To appease Kimmie for the moment, the Red Team assigns her a barbecue dish that specifies her own sauce. You would think this would be a cinch for her come time for preparation. WRONG! It takes Kimmie time, more effort than expected and Christina’s help to finally get the sauce to taste right.

In the Blue kitchen, Clemenza has, once again, made a mess of himself. His coat, the fresh one given to him by Chef Ramsay, is a complete disaster. So instead of getting yelled at by his potential future boss, Clemenza hurries to the restroom to clean himself up. This would be fine if the rest of his team wasn’t depending on his return!

Back in the Red kitchen, the mussles have surfaced after being voted down. Barbie is stuck cleaning them, taking way too much time. Guess who’s on her back, complaining. That’s right, everyone! Christina jumps on mussels to help pick up the Red Team’s pace.

Before anything leaves the kitchens, Chef Ramsay has to approve both teams’ menus.

The Red Team

The mussels look like “something you pull out of the washing machine,” says Chef Ramsay. Dana’s halibut dish and Kimmie’s barbecue make the cut. They make a few adjustments for dinner service.

The Blue Team

Robyn’s dish, as Justin expected, is described as being something “out of the 1980s,” thanks to Chef Ramsay. Then Clemenza’s quail is not only raw, but Chef Ramsay finds the bones a bit off-putting. “Are you ready to go home?” yells Ramsay.

To Be Continued

They got us again, folks! Tomorrow night on Hell’s Kitchen, dinner will be served. The Red and Blue teams will serve their respective menus and try to dodge Ramsay’s rage. Make sure you tune back in!

Jilliane Johnson
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Jilliane Johnson

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