Something wicked this way comes on Big Brother 14 as Pandora’s Box makes its first appearance. For those who aren’t familiar, Pandora’s Box is a door that the HoH is offered. If it’s opened something good will happen and something bad will happen. Sometimes the HoH gets money or a special power while the rest of the house gets punished. Other times the HoH is locked in a room while the other HGs win something nice.

SPOILER WARNING: This article contains Big Brother 14 spoilers.

Frank opened Pandora’s Box and got trapped upstairs while everyone else got to play a game outside. The HGs destroyed the backyard because they needed to find quarters to play the crane game to retrieve the Mystery Box that was now a Golden Ball. Eventually balls were dropped outside, some of which had quarters in them. Things got very heated and physical as HGs pushed each other and tried to get all the quarters to play as many times as possible.

Ian won the Golden Ball. It sounds like a total dog fight. Dan is embarrassed by his actions and when Ian won, he apparently started cursing.

The Golden Ball is a special power that is basically a second Veto that Ian can use at the Power of Veto ceremony. Frank is threatening that if Ian uses it to help Dan, then he will put up Britney instead. The Golden Ball also means Ian can not play in the actual Power of Veto competition this week. So theoretically both nominees can come down if both PoVs get used this week.

bb14iangoldenball.jpgIan is basically freaking out because now he has power and has to make another big decision. Dan took so much crap for Ian last week (and he’s still taking it since Frank still believes Dan was the one who got Shane to nominate him).

Now the plan seems to be that if Dan and Danielle get nominated and Britney or Shane win the Power of Veto, then they could save one person, Ian could save the other, and Frank would be forced to nominate two new people, including either Jenn or Joe.

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Also, Frank says he got to pick three money boxes while locked in Pandora’s Box, and he got $3,333.33, $7.11 and $1.05 for a total of $3,341.49. He also says the first one was the biggest amount available, and the second highest amount was just $700.

This marks the ninth Pandora’s Box in the show’s history. Here’s a brief rundown of the others.

Season 11: Kevin got his hand stuck in a box while money fell from the sky for the other HGs.

Season 11: Natalie got a dinner with her boyfriend while random people in costumes annoyed the rest of the house.

Season 12: Matt won the Diamond Power of Veto and the Saboteur 2.0 was released in the house.

Season 12: Brendon got a spa day and Rachel was released in the house for 24 hours.

Season 12: Britney got stuck doing a workout with Jessie Godderz while the rest of the house got a Tiki party.

Season 12: Lane got a money tree while the house had no cutlery or cups, they had to talk with hand puppets and they had to dance every time music was played.

Season 13: Porsche and Kalia got $5,000, but the Duos twist was released back on the house for one week.

Season 13: Rachel was stuck with Jessie Godderz while Tori Spelling gave the other HGs a shopping spree.

Overall, four were good for the HoH and bad for the house, three were good for the house and bad for the HoH, and one (the Duos twist) was a mixed bag. Only two of the eight Pandora’s Boxes (the Diamond Power of Veto and the Duos twist) have actually affected the game. As a purist, I’m OK with the silly, funny Pandora’s Boxes, but I hate when they affect the game. At least with this one they didn’t just hand someone a power, they actually had to earn it.

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