On this week’s episode of Bachelor Pad, Erica was blindsided when her close friend Michael masterminded a plan to get her out. She did get revenge however, as a twist allowed her to pick the guy who leave the game with her — and it was Michael.

Oh, the drama.

In a conference call with the media today, Erica dished on her now almost nonexistent relationship with Michael, who she’s rooting for in the game and what’s next for this memorable reality star — and it might not be what you think!

Here are highlights from the interview:

On why she was so upset Michael lied to her:

She and Michael were really good friends — or so she thought, which is why it hurt her more than it would have had it been someone else lying to her.

Not only were they on Bachelor Pad 2 together, but they hung out often throughout the past year, and Michael had expressed his excitement when they were going to do another season together — and said he’d help her win.

Erica admits she didn’t know at the time that Michael was the ringleader to vote her out — she just thought he was part of the plan and was on board with it and then had lied to her.

“No one even had my name out there — it was between Sarah and Lindzi. So the fact that Michael was the one who threw my name out there, and the fact that he was ecstatic about it … that’s what really got to me.”

“You expect to go (on the show) and make a lot of friends, not lose any.”

The only thing Erica said she regrets is putting so much trust into someone she considered a true friend outside of the mansion.

On her not-so-nice words to Michael in the heat of the moment as she left, and what she thinks about it now:

“I still agree with the things I said, but my only thing is — maybe you don’t always say what you’re thinking.

“While Michael can be friendly and fun, he hasn’t proved to me he’s an honest, genuine person. I meant that. … I guess I won’t apologize for thinking them, but I can apologize for saying them.”

On whether she can be friends with Michael again:

“I don’t want to be enemies with him just because our paths do always cross in different ways in the Bachelor world, but it’s hard for me to say that I want to be friends with him because he and I have a very different definition on what a friendship is.

“I don’t mind the possibility of reconciling to where we don’t hate each other.”

On her closest friend/ally in the house, and who she wants to win:

While they did have their arguments, Erica said her closest friend was Sarah. As an ally, it was Nick because since Day One, they shared their votes with each other, and they were going to partner up now that Sarah was with Chris.

She said she was surprised she developed a friendship with Jamie because she found her annoying before they both came on the show.

At this point, she’s rooting for her friend Sarah, and also Chris.

“I really admire the way Chris has played the game … he’s a risk taker.”

On the emerging romances in the mansion:

Erica said she believes Michael and Rachel’s relationship was purely strategic.

However, she believe Blakeley and Tony’s relationship is genuine — even though it was strategic when they first partnered up.

Kalon and Lindzi are still seeing each other as well, Erica said.

On her future, and possibly having her own reality show:

Erica said being on Bachelor Pad again has made her realize she wants to get serious with her law career. She graduated from law school in May and got a job at a law firm in her hometown of Houston.

She plans on working at the firm and passing the bar exam, and her long-term goal is to have her own court show, Legally Blonde-style.

Erica also said her family is interesting and would make for good television: Her father is a plastic surgeon and has operated on three ‘Bachelor’ alums, including his recent person, Trista.

She’s also open to coming back on Bachelor Pad to be a judge for a competition — but definitely not again as a contestant.

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