On the last episode of The Real Housewives of New Jersey, Joe Giudice excused himself from Caroline Manzo’s birthday dinner in Napa to take what he said was a “work phone call.” When his wife Teresa Giudice came looking for him, he called referred to her as his “bitch wife” and a “c***” to the other party on the phone.

“Of course I begged Bravo not to air it, but when you sign up for a TV show, you sign up to show everything, warts and all,” Teresa wrote in her Bravo blog. “I can’t make excuses for what Joe said to me. He doesn’t talk like that to me at home, he’s never called me that name before, and he doesn’t remember saying it. But it’s not right. It hurt my feelings, and it was horrible to watch played out on national TV. But believe me, if he talked to me like that regularly, we would not be together.”

Teresa’s cousin Kathy Wakile is apologetic about a joke her husband Rich made along the lines of how Joe didn’t even want Teresa in bed, let alone in a vineyard.

“When Joe Giudice stepped away for his phone call, none of us knew what was said or what happened between him and Teresa until this week when we previewed our episode,” Kathy wrote in her Bravo blog. “In retrospect, Rich’s comment, which was meant as a wisecrack, now may have been a little insensitive. Rich and I both feel badly about the situation. This all happened a year ago, and we sincerely hope that they are in a much better place.”

Melissa Gorga, while not wanting to get too involved in her sister-in-law’s personal business, expressed her opinion on the situation.

“I didn’t like it when Teresa made accusations about my marriage, so I’m not going to do it to hers,” Melissa said in her Bravo blog. “They have four daughters that need to be protected from this, so I will leave it to Joe and Teresa to explain it. How they choose to live within their marriage has nothing to do with any of us. I was very upset when I watched the episode, and I wouldn’t wish that on my worst enemy. We may have our differences, but I would never want this to happen to her.”

Former BFF, Jacqueline agrees with Melissa’s sympathy, although the two of them are also not getting along.

“It is such a sensitive matter to talk about, and I’m sure it was very hurtful for Teresa and her family to see. Despite our fighting, my heart hurt for her. That is all I will say on the matter,” Jacqueline shared in her Bravo blog.

“No matter what the circumstances were, it’s not OK that he talked to me like that. It’s not OK for our relationship, it’s not OK as an example for our daughters, it’s not how I want to be spoken to or will be spoken to by anyone,” Teresa summed up. “Joe does feel terrible, and he’s apologized to me and all of our friends. We all have a bad side, but not all of us are lucky enough to have it broadcast around the world.”

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