There’s nowhere left to hide on Big Brother 14. Just like last season, the double eviction episode saw a huge betrayal and a massive shift in alliances. Now the power is up for grabs and with only eight HGs left, the end is almost in sight.

SPOILER WARNING: This article contains Big Brother 14 spoilers.

On the double eviction episode, Boogie was sent home, Ian won the HoH and exposed himself as the one who betrayed Boogie. Ian nominated Frank and Ashley, Frank won the Power of Veto, Joe was the replacement nominee and Ashley was evicted, becoming the first member of the jury. Click HERE to read what happened between the end of the episode and the start of the HoH competition.

On Wednesday night the HGs were each given five minutes to practice on a big board with holes and a ball and strings. It’s a skill competition similar to the snake game after last season’s double eviction (which Porsche won).


Sigh. It seems Frank has 1,000 lives. Now he can finally get his revenge on Dan. However, Shane and Britney tried making a deal with Frank where he would put up Dan and Joe, but then they would betray Frank and actually vote to keep Dan and evict Joe. Is Frank stupid enough to fall fr that, or is he going to nominate two people from the Britney/Shane/Dan/Danielle group?

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He’ll probably go for the latter, since when Big Brother: After Dark began Frank told Joe he’s not going to be nominated. I’m definitely guessing we’ll get Dan and Danielle or, more likely, Dan and Shane nominated.

Frank has now won five out of the last six competitions he’s played in. This is just getting annoying. But unless he wins next week’s Power of Veto (or gets a special power), I’m guessing he’ll be evicted in two weeks.

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The win also pushes Frank to three HoH wins and three PoV wins. He’s now in a very rare class of people who have won six competitions in a single season. That list only includes Rachel Reilly from season 13, Daniele Donato from season 8 and Janelle Pierzina from season 7. So he’s the first guy to do it. Also, there are only 10 people who have ever won three HoHs in a single season, and six of them were winners.

Now I just hope and pray that Frank doesn’t get some stupid special power from a Pandora’s Box that gives him even more lives. I know the show loves the “Fighting from Day 1” storyline like they had with Rachel, but I’m so tired of Frank. I don’t want to hear him say “Who wants to see my HoH room!” for a third time, I don’t want to hear him say “Preesh” and I just generally don’t want him in this game anymore.

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