With only seven HGs left in Big Brother 14, nominations become a bit easier to predict. This week is no exception. Just like last week, the HoH has made it very clear who the target is. But will it actually happen?

SPOILER WARNING: This article contains Big Brother 14 spoilers.

Ian is the current HoH.

He nominated Frank and Jenn.

This marks the sixth time Frank has been nominated this season, tying the all-time record with Amy Crews from season 3 and Sharon Obermueller from season 9, both of whom were nominated six times before finally getting evicted in fourth place.

Aside from the nominations, Jessie Godderz returned and took all the junk food away from the house, leaving them with nothing but disgusting health foods like seaweed and kale chips. The HGs are planning on doing a Fear Factor-style game during Big Brother: After Dark Friday night with all the new health foods.

It’s no surprise that Frank is nominated as Ian made it very clear last week that he is his number one target.

Frank, of course, is delusional enough to think that he might have the votes to stay with Dan, Joe and Shane because he foolishly trusts people who say they want to work with him. The only real asset Frank has is that he can’t play in the next HoH competition, so if Jenn goes instead of him, there will only be four people playing.

A lot of this, however, rests with the Power of Veto. Ian has said Joe would be the replacement nominee if the PoV gets used, but that he would stay safe and the person left (Frank or Jenn) would be evicted. I’m not entirely sure that’s true, since Dan, Frank and Danielle could all vote to keep Jenn over Joe.

My main worry is that the HGs DON’T get rid of Frank if they get the chance. That would be the worst move ever. Frank has already won six competitions, and he is a major threat to win every comp he plays in, whether it’s physical, mental or skill. Right now I don’t agree that Frank would definitely win if he makes the finale, but if he gets up to 9 or 10 total competition wins, I think he would absolutely win because moronic newbies to the game like Shane, Joe, Jenn and Danielle would probably vote based SOLELY on comp wins.

How do you feel about Ian’s nominations? Should Frank be the target, or should the other HGs give him a free week since he can’t play in the next HoH?

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