The actions of this week on Big Brother 14 have prompted a debate: Who is the greatest player of all time?

Without a doubt, Dan Gheesling has to be in the running. He won season 10 by playing possum from the start, acting liked a wounded animal all by himself and sliding through week after week until dominating competitions at the end. Now he’s back for season 14 and his quiet, focused, Ninja Assassin style resulted in him avoiding definite defeat by making Danielle cry and using Frank’s emotions against him.

But does that make Dan the best ever? Here are six other HGs who might deserve the title? Then vote in our showdown to see who you think deserves to be called the greatest Big Brother player of all time.

Dr. Will Kirby: Founder of Chilltown, Will won season 2 and finished fourth during All-Stars, all without winning a single competition. If you’re only looking at the social component of the game, that is a very impressive feat.

Janelle Pierzina: Sure, she finished third twice and was sent home very early in season 14, but the Comp Queen won 13 HoH and PoV competitions over two seasons, including nine during All-Stars, a single-season record. The same way Will dominated the social game, Janelle dominated the competitive game.

Evel Dick Donato: Dick wasn’t afraid to play the villain, behaving like a total a-hole for his entire season. Somehow he made that a successfully strategy and his name is synonymous with the show.

Daniele Donato: Dick’s daughter might not get as much credit, but she won more competitions than he did in season 8 and when she returned in season 13, she wasn’t afraid to try and make big moves to upset the status quo. Many HGs show up just to lay low and relax for the summer, but Daniele is a 100 percent gamer.

Jeff Schroeder: He’s never finished better than fifth, but he’s been America’s Favorite twice and, for the most part, he has played the game with integrity and honesty. Dan called Shane the real-life Captain America in season 14, but that title forever belongs to Jeff.

Rachel Reilly: As much as I hate her, she combined the competitive spirit of Janelle with the no-nonsense attitude of Evel Dick. Her way of pushing people’s buttons while riding a never-ending tidal wave of intense emotions made her a very dynamic and polarizing figure, but one that managed to win the game.

So who is your pick? Or did I leave someone off the list? Vote in our Big Brother Showdown and, if someone’s missing, feel free to add them to the list.

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