The power is up for grabs once again on Big Brother 14. For the third time this season, an endurance HoH competition is upon us. The last two times saw Danielle win on the pirate ship and Shane win by filling his bowl with water

SPOILER WARNING: This article contains Big Brother 14 spoilers.

On Thursday’s show, Britney was evicted and a new HoH competition began between Dan, Danielle, Shane, Ian, Jenn and Joe.

The competition involves the six HGs sitting on disks and holding onto ropes while being spun around a giant sun while things are sprayed at them. They are also hit by a giant comet during every rotation..

In addition, the first person to fall will open a mystery box that contains a punishment (although they don’t know if it’s a punishment or a reward).

I’ll provide live updates as the action continues. Note that all times are PT, which is local time inside the Big Brother 14 house.

6:55pm: JOE FALLS OFF!

6:55pm: Yes, Joe fell off during the commercial break during the live episode.

UPDATE: Joe’s punishment is that every time he hears music for 24 hours, he has to hula hoop.


6:59pm: That’s right, TWO people fell off during the live show. How sad for them.

7:08pm: The live feeds are back and the six remaining members of the Quack Pack are still in it.

7:10pm: Shane is the voice of encouragement, pepping up Danielle.

7:11pm: Danielle is crouching down.Shane looks fidgety like he doesn’t know what to do. As a bigger guy, there’s no way he’ll win this.

7:13pm: The HGs are being constantly sprayed with paint and are complaining about their clothes being totally ruined after this

7:14pm: Shane is STILL getting the spray in his mouth and spitting it out. DUDE, SOPT EATING THE SPRAY!

7:16pm: Shane just said something clever. He looks at Frank and says “What’s up, Doc?” because of the carrot costume.

7:20pm: Lots and lots of silent spinning. This is going to be a monotonous.

7:24pm: Dan claims he can do this for 12 hours to see pictures of his wife Chelsea in his HoH room.

7:25pm: The slapping comet is back. Shane slams into it hard for fun, but then his disk starts spinning around very quickly.


7:27pm: Danielle said she was going to throw up before she dropped.

7:29pm: DAN FALLS OFF!

7:29pm: Dan slipped off his disk and was hanging on by a thread before he fell.

7:31pm: Danielle started throwing up and the feeds cut away. Clearly the spray paint in the mouth and the spinning was not a good combination.

7:35pm: The feeds are back and Shane is asking Ian to calculate the centrifugal force. This is comedy gold, because Ian is SO smart and Shane is SO not. But thanks for the physics lesson.

7:50pm: Ian has moved from physics to astronomy, offering a lecture on dwarf planets. Thanks, Professor Terry!

7:52pm: We’re at the one-hour mark and it’s down to Ian and Shane. It’s the epic battle of brains vs. brawn..

8:06pm: Still just lots of spinning. This is definitely a fairly dull challenge to watch

8:20pm: The feeds went down for a bit, but now they’re back and it’s still Ian and Shane. We’re at about an hour and a half.

8:33pm: They’re still going strong as it’s now been more than an hour of just Shane and Ian. The other four all dropped within the first 40 minutes.

8:34pm: The comet has been pushed way into the path of rotation and Ian and Shane are having to go directly through it every time instead of having it lightly graze them.

8:37pm: Dan dubs this the battle of the homecoming king vs. the valedictorian. I’ll let you figure out which is which.

8:47pm: Shane asks everyone to go inside so he and Ian can talk alone and make a deal.

8:48pm: Ian wants it and guarantees that Shane and Danielle will not go up as an original nominee or as a replacement. Shane agrees.



Good for him, he deserves it, especially since the last time he won HoH he didn’t even get the room.

Obviously Frank is his primary target, but I said the same thing about Dan last week, and look how that turned out. Still, I doubt Ian will fall for anything Frank might say. Basically, unless Frank wins PoV, he’s probably gone.

It’s really just a matter of who Ian puts up alongside Frank. My guess is Jenn, since the pattern this season is to nominate your target with the female closest to him. Plus, Ian has said he’s still loyal to the Quack Pack, so that bodes well for Dan’s chances.

If you include his Veto Ball win from Pandora’s Box, this is Ian’s third competition win in seven days, which is pretty good. When combined with his formation of the Quack Pack, he has a decent resume so far for winning the game.

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This also continues the trend of male domination this season. Of the 18 HoH and PoV competitions so far, men have won 15 of them, with Jenn’s PoV (a result of Frank’s DQ) and Danielle’s HoH and PoV as the only exceptions.

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