For the past three weeks, the HoH of Big Brother 14 has also won the Power of Veto. This week there was a slight change that created plenty of tension and campaigning in the house over the weekend. And this week’s Power of Veto ceremony could be as big a blindside as when Janelle was nominated.

SPOILER WARNING: This article contains Big Brother 14 spoilers.

Frank won the Power of Veto and saved himself.

Jenn was nominated as his replacement.

And the battle lines have been drawn. Frank and Boogie were working hard all weekend long to convince Shane to nominate Dan and they seemed very confident that their plan had worked.

The problem is that they incorrectly assumed that Dan was the one who told Shane that Frank and Boogie were coming after him (they have NO IDEA it was actually Ian). This made it hard for them to campaign, because while they were dragging Dan’s name through the mud about how he turned on them, Shane knew the truth, that Dan DIDN’T do the things Frank and Boogie accused him of doing.

Frank and Boogie also convinced Ashley and Jenn to throw Dan under the bus to Shane, so they obviously chose their side. Joe has been completely loyal to Shane this week, sucking up big time. Ian, meanwhile, went to talk to Shane under the guise of throwing Dan under the bus, and while that’s what he told Frank and Boogie, it was actually to discuss the Quack Pack.

The end result is that, while Frank and Boogie were overly confident that their plot to get Dan nominated would work, it failed miserably and they got played. Now Boogie knows he’s probably going home and Frank is ready to go to war. His only problem is that he only has Ashley and Jenn on his side, and there’s a good chance that, now that they see they joined the wrong side, they’ll jump ship as soon as possible. I assume Ashley will be jumping onto Ian like he’s a life vest now that she sees Boogie and Frank are not going to be staying.

I’ve criticized this season before, and I’ll criticize it again, but these are the moments I love. Boogie was SOOOO sure he’d worked his magic and manipulated Shane into nominating Dan, and that certainty is what makes this extra delicious. Watching Boogie say things like there’s no way Ian would ever turn on him or that there was no chance of Shane nominating someone like Jenn made the actual outcome even more priceless.

Boogie’s false assumption is that he can sleep for half the day, then wake up and go to work. The problem is that the game doesn’t go on pause when Boogie takes a nap. He thinks one conversation can change everything. He doesn’t seem to understand the social component to this game, the part where you need to talk to people about their personal lives, developing bonds of trust.

Boogie, instead, sleeps half the day and spends the other half talking to Frank about how much he hates everyone in the house and doesn’t care about any of the boring crap they have to say. He criticizes Dan for pretending to care about the other people’s lives, suggesting that he’s manipulating them. Maybe he is, maybe he isn’t, but one thing is clear: Dan is playing the social game and Boogie isn’t. That’s why Boogie is on the block and Dan is not.

Of course there’s a chance Boogie can still stay because we don’t know that the deal is with the Mystery Box. Deep in the pit of my stomach I’m terrified that it will give a special power to Boogie or Frank that will change the nominations at the last minute.

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