Alliances don’t last long on Big Brother 14. The Silent Six, a huge power alliance between Shane, Britney, Dan, Danielle, Frank and Boogie, was formed less than two weeks ago, and this week it comes to an end.

This Sunday episode is full of very obvious foreshadowing. From the very beginning Frank talks about how he hopes Boogie not going for HoH doesn’t come back to bite them. He also has second thoughts about not backdooring Dan last week. Then when Shane wins HoH Frank talks about how happy he is that he’s definitely safe. I’m surprised the editors didn’t put ominous organ music over everything Frank said.

The HoH Competition

It’s hard enough to create dramatic tension in these HoH endurance competitions since anyone who really cares found out about it Thursday night. But this one is even harder on production because right away only three people are actually trying to win HoH: Ian, Shane and Danielle. The eventual outcome becomes even more obvious when Danielle and Ian start falling all over the place while Shane is going back and forth with ease.

Boogie gets the $10,000 (which upsets Frank a bit) because he’s the only one going for it. Everyone else goes for Safety. Britney kills it to win the Safety, beating Dan, which surprises him since he was actually going for it.

After more than 15 minutes of people falling, Shane wins. But Dan made a pretty big comeback despite going for Safety for the first 30 minutes.

King Shane’s Second Reign

His HoH room includes a picture of his dog Dozer, who he sleeps with every night. Frank and Jenn don’t even come up to see his room. Jenn’s excuse is that she fell hard during the HoH competition and is quite injured, but she still gets up to see it eventually. Frank’s excuse is…um, maybe he got tired WATCHING the HoH competition? The fact that he sleeps through the whole thing is just a bad idea for his game.

Britney jokingly said earlier this season that the winner is the person who stays up the latest to ensure there’s no game talk going on after they go to bed. There’s a lot of truth to that statement. Frank can’t sleep through the whole day, wake up for the nomination ceremony, and then assume everything is still fine.

Ian the Villain

Ian goes to Britney to say that, before the live show, Boogie told him that they should target Britney and Shane. He suggests that Frank and Boogie need to be nominated together this week. This leads to a Quack Pack meeting in the HoH room where Shane is reticent to get blood on his hands. But Ian, Britney, Dan and Danielle all say they have his back and think it’s the right move.

I have to love and admire that Ian is totally playing a manipulative game and Boogie and Frank have NO CLUE that he’s the rat. Later in the episode Ian speculates about a future Heroes vs. Villains season of Big Brother where he puts himself on the Villains team. Boogie doesn’t understand because he thinks Ian is harmless. Also, can they please hire Ian to cast future seasons of this show and to come up with the twists?

Joe’s Tall Tales and Ian’s Manscaping

The filler this episode is quite amusing as we hear plenty of Joe’s “tale tales,” his elaborate and ridiculous stories. He claims his family owned the land the White House is built on and he named I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter. There was also a mysterious ghost watch.

Also Ian gets ready for a date with Ashley by getting manscaped by the girls who use Nair on his armpit hair (a trick he learned from Shane). The funniest part is that Britney takes the lead by wearing plastic gloves and sounding like a demented scientist about to create a Human Centipede. The “date” itself turns out pretty boring and ends with Ian being put in the Friend Zone.

The Mystery Box

The HGs find a mysterious clear cube with a question mark on it inside the arcade room. What does it mean? Ian suspects it’s connected to a Pandora’s Box. Shane starts to suspect it will mess with his nominations, so he briefly considers changing his mind to put up floaters. Let the conspiracy theories begin, because I definitely think that kind of paranoia is EXACTLY what the producers wanted because they’re trying to save Frank and Boogie.

While I understand the show using this to confuse the HGs, I’m angry that the show didn’t explain this to the viewers AT ALL. And there wasn’t even a teaser about the mystery box for Wednesday’s episode.

The Death of the Silent Six

Despite the mystery box, Shane sticks to the plan and nominates Frank and Boogie. They are b oth furious and confused. I understand, but at the same time, neither of them spoke to Shane about the nominations AT ALL, so they have no right to complain. You can’t sit on the sidelines and just assume everything will go your way.

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