In one of the Big Brother 14 rooms, there is a crane game. It’s been decorative all season, just like the fortune teller last year, and it hasn’t had anything to do with the game so far. But now all that is about to change.

SPOILER WARNING: This article contains Big Brother 14 spoilers.

On Friday afternoon the HGs were locked outside and when they were let back in, there were balls leading to the arcade room (the one between the kitchen and the bathroom) and inside the crane game, among all the usual plastic balls, there was a clear box with a giant question mark on it. MYSTERY BOX!

myseryboxshapebb14.jpgWhat does this mean? That’s the big question that everyone in the house is asking. They don’t have quarters so they can’t play the game, so some people are searching for change to play the game and get the Mystery Box.

Is this connected to the upcoming Power of Veto competition this week?

Is it connected ti a luxury competition the HGs might play since there’s no Have-Nots this week?

Is it sort of like a Pandora’s Box for everyone, and maybe the Mystery Box come with a special power like the Diamond Power of Veto or a Coup d’Etat?

Or is it completely meaningless and just a way to screw with the HGs heads?

Britney, who is clearly familiar with the way this game works, has already told Shane that if this is some new twist that gives Frank a special power that lets him survive yet again, she should just quit and give him the $500,000. She’s not wrong since one twist (the reset) is already responsible for saving him since Frank was going to get evicted that night. She’s also right that, between the coaches and the reset, this season has already had more than enough twists.

Similarly, Shane is already getting upset that the Mystery Box could change his nominations, which would be the second time that a twist would screw with his reign as HoH. There’s now a chance Shane might alter his strategy this week because of this twist. That would be a bad idea, and if you don’t believe me, ask any of the HGs last week who evicted Lawon over Rachel because of some potential twist.

While Shane and Britney are speculating wildly, Detective Dan (as Jenn calls him) is busy going through the entire house desperately looking for any clues to the Mystery Box. He’s certainly trying to stir up some paranoia among the HGs, but Dan also tells Shane that he shouldn’t let paranoia affect his decision for nominations Shane, in a rare moment of intelligence, says that he can use the paranoia of the Mystery Box as an excuse for nominating Frank and Boogie.

I’ll add updates to this post if anything new happens with the Mystery Box. But for now, feel free to speculate wildly about what it means.

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