Last week on Big Brother 14, Dan told Danielle that she was dead to him in front of everyone. That, along with the eviction of Britney, put a damper on the Quack Pack, the poorly-named yet quite successful five-person alliance of the season. But is the Quack Pack back?

SPOILER WARNING: This article contains Big Brother 14 spoilers.
The short answer is: Yes.

Ian won the HoH competition this week and is reigning supreme upstairs. Unlike his last HoH, this time he can actually think things through, talk to everyone for more than 10 seconds, and make a plan. And that plan seems to involve resurrecting the Quack Pack.

After talking to Joe and Frank, Ian met up in the HoH room late Thursday night (or early Friday morning) with Danielle, Shane and Dan. And he announced his intentions to bring the Quack Pack back to what it used to be, making sure they all stay safe.

Ian’s current plans involve nominating Frank and Jenn, with Joe serving as the potential backdoor pawn. The real trick is who will be evicted. For some ungodly reason they seem to be thinking Jenn is the better bet because Frank can’t compete in the next HoH competition, so getting Jenn out means next week would be Shane, Danielle and Dan vs. Joe. Of course that plan requires them to be able to evict Frank next week, and giving him a free week might be a deadly proposition.

Will Ian stick to his plan to keep the Quack Pack safe? We’ll find out later Friday afternoon when the nominations ceremony gets underway.

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