For the third time on Big Brother 14, Frank Eudy is the Head of Household. And for the third time, he has written an HoH blog offering us his insights into the game, the week and his fellow houseguests.

The recurring theme this week for Frank is how much he deserves to win. Frank has applied to be on the show multiple times and, as he constantly tells us, he loves Big Brother and is fighting hard to say every single week. And for, he seems to think he deserves to win.

The obvious flaw in his logic is that just because he’s applied more than anyone else doesn’t mean he deserves it any more. While he has definitely had to fight hard to stay in the house, that’s not necessarily a good thing. This week in the house there’s been some debate about whether Frank has a good social game or not. Sure, he seems kind of affable in a frat guy kind of way, but as others point out, players with a good social game don’t need to win so many competitions because they’re never in any real danger. Look at Ian, the only remaining HG who has NEVER been nominated. He’s only won one competition (two if you count the second Veto released by Pandora’s Box). Yet, unlike Frank, he hasn’t been on the block five times.

Also, Frank commits one of my writing pet peeves: split infinitives. He writes that “I’m starting to not feel so alone” and that he’s struggled to hard “to not make it to the end.” Any elementary school kid can tell you the “not” should go before the “to.”

Here are five quotes from Frank’s third HoH blog that repeat his theme that he somehow deserves to win more than everyone else simply because he’s had to fight harder.

About Winning the PoV and HoH Competitions Last Thursday:

“I hope everyone watching can see how bad I want this and how much I love this game.”

About Nearing the End of the Season:

“I’ve fought too hard up to this point to not make it to the end.”

About the Other HGs:

“Some people in the house are going from thinking ‘this guy can win this game’ to ‘this guy deserves to win this game’ which is the mindset I need people to have.”

About the Viewers:

“I just hope everyone can see the passion I have for Big Brother.”

About Applying to Be on the Show:

“I fought really hard for three years to make it into this house, and I’ve had to fight even harder ever since I walked through the door to stay in this house.”

Exclamation Point Watch: 22 (beating Shane and Frank’s previous 16 exclamation points in their HoH blogs, but still behind Danielle’s epic 29)

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