Never get into a huge fight with someone when you’re the HoH on Big Brother 14. Frank should’ve learned that lesson week 1 when Willie fought with him, then Frank won the next HoH and got his revenge. Last week Frank got into a huge fight with Ian, so, naturally, Ian now gets his revenge.

Continuing with the Revenge of the Nerds theme for this Sunday’s episode, there’s even a giant oafish jock intent on causing problems for the “NERDS!” But, just like Ted McGinley and the rest of the Alpha Betas, everybody hates the jock.

The HoH Competition

As seen on Thursday’s live show, Joe and Jenn fall off almost immediately (he drops at two minutes, she drops at five). Joe’s punishment for falling first is that he needs to hula hoop every time “Reveille” plays for 24 hours. That gives the show’s editors about 30 seconds of filler and nothing else. What a waste of a punishment.

Danielle falls at 34 minutes while Dan drops at 42 minutes. It’s down to Shane and Ian and they spin for more than an hour by themselves as Ian offers science lessons. Then they make a deal where Shane drops if Ian promises that Shane and Danielle are 100 percent safe all week. He agrees and Ian wins HoH for the second time this season. Frank correctly realizes he’s in trouble once again.

The Quack Pack Reunion

Prior to Britney’s eviction, Ian went to Dan and said he still wants to work with Dan and stay loyal to the Quack Pack. In other words, despite being the greatest player in the history of the game, Dan is now protected on all sides with two separate four-person alliances. The only person he DOESN’T have a deal with is Joe, but that hardly matters at this point.

With Ian winning HoH, Dan quickly decides to abandon his new alliance with Frank after less than one week to rejoin the Quack Pack. I appreciate Dan’s ability to rationalize swearing on his wife and the Bible, and then immediately reneging on that deal with Frank. He truly is playing a completely different, totally ruthless game this season, and it works for him since he walked into the house with a good guy image.

Of course this is a dangerous game Dan is playing because all Frank has to do is mention the words “Quack Pack” and Ian will know Dan cannot be trusted. But that would require Frank to be good at this game, which he clearly isn’t because he refuses to rat out Dan.

Danielle’s Fatal Attraction

There’s a lot of filler as Danielle swoons over Shane in the shower, her knight in shining armor. Things escalate when Jenn tells her that Shane referred to her as his girlfriend. Danielle hopes and prays she gets a rose and then gets invited to the Fantasy Suite. Oh wait, wrong show.

Ian’s Nerdy HoH Room

Ian’s HoH room contains bismuth, his favorite element on the periodic table (it’s the “bism” in Pepto Bismol). No one knows or cares, but they have to pretend they do. Shane’s clueless reaction shots are amazing. I’d like to see Ian and Shane in a sitcom together.

Worst Christmas Ever

Ian gets a Pandora’s Box full of Christmas presents and he takes it. He gets a whole bunch of toys and presents like Legos and inflatable pool toys. He also gets $1,000.

But while Ian is unwrapping his gifts, Jessie Godderz comes into the house dressed like Santa Claus in a speedo. Dan instantly refers to him as an elf on steroids. Instead of giving them presents, Jessie Claus takes away all of the junk food in the house, leaving them with nothing but healthy crap.

The whole thing is kind of uninspired and boring. I feel like even the editors don’t care about this utterly unentertaining Pandora’s Box. I’m worried that Dan’s huge move marked the high point of the season and now we’re heading to the dull denouement.

The Nominations

Despite some last-minute second thoughts about Frank (because he can’t compete in the next HoH competition if he stays), Ian sticks to his original plan and nominates Frank and Jenn. Dan is the primary voice of reason, because while Ian considers keeping Frank as a target, Dan correctly points out that with someone who wins as many competitions as Frank, you won’t have many chances to evict him and need to do it as soon as possible.

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