The Power of Veto has been sued six out of eight times on Big Brother 14. With the field narrowing, the PoV becomes almost as important as the HoH. So who won this week?

SPOILER WARNING: This article contains Big Brother 14 spoilers.

Ian is the current HoH. He nominated Frank and Jenn. Shane is the only HG not chosen to play, marking the first time he has ever sat out of a PoV competition.

Dan won the Power of Veto!

Well, this could be interesting. Dan has alliances with almost everyone in the house, so now he has to make his choice. Does he go with the Quack Pack, keep the nominations the same and send Frank home? Or does he go with his new alliance he made last week with Frank and Jenn, saving one of them and getting rid of Joe?

The answer seems to be the first one. Once the live feeds came back Dan was upstairs in the HoH room with Ian waiting to use the shower (it sounds like it was the OTEV challenge where they had to dig through corn to find answers to trivia questions). While walking around, Dan talked to himself and the cameras, announcing that his victory seals the deal in finally getting Frank out of this house. Since he was talking to himself, I assume it’s the truth. So unless Frank can outfox Dan (which ain’t gonna happen), it seems like Frank is definitely going to go to jury.

Of course Frank will definitely be trying for the next two days to get it done. He’s already told Jenn his plan is to convince Dan to save her so Joe will be nominated. Because Frank honestly believes he would have the votes to stay against Joe. It’s almost funny how deluded and terrible at this game he is.

Ironically, after his shower, Dan told Ian that he wants to use the PoV on Jenn because she used it on him. But I’m guessing he would STILL vote Frank out.

For the sake of storytelling, this week could turn out beautifully. If Dan uses the Power of Veto on Jenn, Frank will start to feel safe. Then he can get totally blindsided on Thursday, just like what was SUPPOSED to happen to him back in week 3.

Now the hard part is going to be getting rid of Dan. This is his first win of the season, so this is when he’s going to start winning. In season 10 Dan didn’t win until they were down to the final 8 and then he won five competitions.

It’s the first time all season that one of the four coaches has had ANY power, which should probably terrify everyone else.

Across two seasons, this marks Dan’s sixth win overall, tying him with such returning HGs as Jeff Schroeder and James Rhine.

What do you think Dan should do? Should he save Jenn to repay her for what she did for him last week, then still vote out Frank over Joe? Or should he use the PoV and get rid of Joe? Or should he just not use it and stay with the Quack Pack to the very end (because, without Frank, what are the odds that Jenn or Joe pose any sort of threat to win a competition)?

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