Tyra and her newly assembled posse of fashion faux paux have slimmed the numbers down to just 13 models for this College Edition of America’s Next Top Model. So does this mean that the contestants will succumb to tiny plaid skirts and receive a pop on the hand via ruler for every bad walk down the runway or unflattering pose in front of the camera? Let’s hope Tyra Banks has more in store for us than that! Otherwise, we may be in for one drag of a season.

Tonight, one couldn’t be further from the classroom as the models pose as taxidermy. Wait, what?! Gorgeous, aspiring models pose as deceased and stuffed animals for the sake of fashion. Alright, we’ll take it for what it’s worth. 90210 star Shenae Grimes makes an appearance to help direct the photo shoot.

Tyra makes a surprise visit to the Top Model Sorority House where all the girls jump up, screaming at the sight of her. The contestants are in for quite a slew of obstacles this season, yet the rewards will be well over satisfactory.

The girls will be graded by each challenge they complete, the judges as well as YOU, America’s votes. Depending on this weekly score, the model with the best photo will win a week-long stay in the Tyra Suite. This incredibly posh layout includes fluffy white pillows with words “Rise” and “Smize” embroidered across them, a sitting area and a full fashion closet to be used and abused by the challenge/best photo winners and a friend. The last tidbit is truly the kicker, though. Each week, the model with the winning photo will be awarded with a $10,000 scholarship fund to be accumulated throughout the cycle. This money can ONLY be earned by the winner of America’s Next Top Model.

Enough of the business talk! The girls run outside to partake in the fun games and lounging atmosphere of the Sorority House. As the models get to know one another, they learn things they may not want to know. Victoria is not only a virgin, but she adds, “I will never have a boyfriend.” Nope, for Victoria, her mother is all the relationship she will ever need. “Victoria annoys the [expletive] out of me,” comments the very opinionated Kristin.

BAM! BAM! The focus, thankfully, switches from Victoria’s odd relationship with her mother to that of the noise coming from downstairs. The girls walk in on a step group, performing for them. As they finish up their tricks, in walks Rob Evans. Again, the girls squeal as if Justin Bieber ran by. Rob takes the girls on a field trip.

Challenge: In the middle of a club, is a walkway, complete with a hula hoop suspended from the ceiling. One by one, the girls must take their turn at their sexiest, most attention-grabbing strut. Jonte, who is seen in a sparkly, black body suit pretzeled into the hoop, apparently gives them an idea of how to perform. If that’s the example …

Stand out walks are Yvonne and Victoria. Yvonne hops up on stage with such aggression and confidence as she grabs a hold of that hoop and lets her left leg fly up into the air, surely giving the crowd a peep show. While Victoria played with the hoop and danced about, letting loose with little rhythm, she really committed to the challenge. It’s easy to say that Maria, from Harvard, wishes she could be anyplace else but here. There is no life in her as she shrugs up and down the walkway. This one won’t last long.

Challenge Winner: Yvonne and she chooses Jessie to join her in the Tyra Suite

P’trique, the Youtube sensation from The Platform, appears out of nowhere. Dressed in some ridiculous bag lady garb, he gives hints as to what the photo shoot will entail. Something about leaving the girls hanging and “kill the shot”? Hmm … wonder what irrelevant aspect of death this may have to deal with.

With the first challenge over, the girls are settling into the process and those attitudes are settling in. Destiny just cannot seem to figure out why she didn’t win the walk challenge. Kiara suggests that perhaps she was “too sexy.” The backlash begins! Of course, Destiny speaks about this with the other girls and confrontation ensues. Could there be a Kiara vs. Destiny beef brewing? Stay tuned!

The next morning, the girls meet up with Johnny Wujek at a studio adorned with taxidermy. Shenae Grimes stands in as guest photographer, helping to inspire the models to wow audiences with their eyes and expressions. Being as how Victoria seems to be the star of the show, she kicks things off with impressive shots. Nastasia is among the top, as well, for lending animated looks each shot. Struggling to find their ways are Kristin and Jessie who trail the rest of the girls in the house at the bottom of the number board as of their taxidermy shoot.

The photo shoot is over but life in the Sorority House continues as the girls learn more and more about one another. Kiara speaks out about her relationship with her mother. Being the child of a teenager who failed to mature has given her a feisty attitude that rears its head from time to time. The mention of “mother” sends Victoria to the phone booth, hurriedly calling her mother. She’s in tears, crying aloud and wanting words of encouragement before her five minutes are up. She’s easily the laughing stock of the house.

It’s the first time Tyra’s new panel comes together to judge the models. Bryanboy, fashion blogger, joins Tyra, Kelly Cutrone and Rob Evans. As seen in previous cycles, each girl is called up one at a time and their photos are evaluated by the panel. This time, however, the added input of America is showcased via Bryanboy who stands to the side holding an ipad, reading off tweets and queuing fan videos. Sure, the thought of America actually being heard is fantastic, yet there’s something cheap about a woman sitting in front of her computer screen, eating a Popsicle and mumbling as her husband voices his vote for his favorite model.

Nevertheless, the process moves along and one by one the models are awarded their photos to place in their personal portfolios. Leila has the best photo of the week and is given the key to the Tyra Suite. Victoria and Kristin are sent through with accolades from their fans. (Kristin is apparently a big hit with male viewers.) Maria just misses placement in the bottom two after Bryanboy reads a comment, suggesting she holds “$10,000 bags under her eyes.” It’s obvious the Harvard grad is out of her Ivy League element, anyways.

“Two beautiful ladies stand before me,” starts Tyra’s legendary speech,” but I only have one photo in my hands.” Destiny and Jessie fall in the bottom two for their lack of taxidermy-like expression. If anyone has an idea of what expression high fashion taxidermy is supposed to have, please inform me below. Thanks! Apparently, Destiny has a better understanding than myself or Jessie because Tyra (and your votes) keep Destiny in the competition.

Eliminated: Jessie

She and her underwhelming asset, saunter away. Was this the right choice? Usually, the quirky girl always hangs around. Or did Destiny’s brush with drama save her? Tyra insists that it’s all about the numbers this season, but can we be so sure?

Don’t worry, though, Jessie fans because Bryanboy stops her and her bouncy behind and explains what happens next. The online Comeback Series which lasts for six weeks. Jessie will be able to compete against her fellow eliminated models for a chance to re-enter the competition. If you would like to take a look at this, make sure you log on to cwtv.com.

Next week on America’s Next Top Model: College Edition, the models face their makeovers. Yet this time there’s a twist! Each girl is given the option of turning those makeovers down. So far we know that one girl opts out. You guessed it! Our Harvard graduate Maria refuses to succumb to the scissors. Tune in next Friday to find out what drama ensues!

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