The coaches are still running the game on Big Brother 14. Britney and Janelle (aka Blonde Ambition) are in power and they’ve turned Boogie and Dan against one another. None of this SHOULD affect the newbies, who are allegedly playing their own, individual game, but they all seem to be blindly doing whatever their coaches tell them to do.

Other than the coaches, the only star of this Wednesday episode is Shane, the good-looking Vermont house flipper who would make an excellent candidate for the next season of The Bachelor. He’s already mastered the ability to stare blankly and draw out the tension during the Most Drama Rose Veto Ceremony Ever!

Here are the five highlights from this Power of Veto episode:

Blonde Ambition

Britney and Janelle have a great big laugh over the fact that they formed an alliance and their teams fell in line and just did everything they told them to do, including targeting the strongest players from Boogie and Dan’s teams. They love that they are in complete control and Janelle’s mortal nemesis, Mike Boogie, is on the bottom. Oh girls, have you never heard of the word “hubris”?

Boogie’s Useless Threats

To save his guy, Boogie tries to make a deal with Britney to backdoor Joe. Well, it starts as a deal and then it turns into a threat. Boogie then hops over to Janelle to convince her that getting rid of Dan’s two players right away is best for her. But instead of falling for Boogie’s crap, the girls just laugh about how awful he is behind his back. I should put together a list of Janelle’s nicknames for Boogie, because in this episode “Giant Tool Box” joins “Douche Lord of the Century.”

A Kick to the Head

In this episode’s filler clips, we see that Ian can kick himself in the head. I wish he’d kick me in the head, because we also get a useless clip of New Yorker JoJo and southern belle Danielle teaching each other how to speak their languages. It’s total deja vu for anyone who watched Britney and Enzo two years ago. They even have the same “coffee vs. cawfey” discussion.

America’s Vote: Have-Not Food

We get to vote on which food the Have-Nots will eat next week. Here are the options.

Liverwurst and Licorice
Pork Rinds and Pudding
Tofu and Taffy

Obviously pork rinds and pudding is the best possible combination (there’s a good chance that’s going to be my dinner tonight), while liverwurst and licorice is the worst. It’s always fun to see if America is cruel or kind.

Bachelor Shane

Shane, who should really be wooing Emily Maynard in the Fantasy Suite instead of chatting in the backyard hammock, tells Kara that he’d much rather have her in the house because he likes looking at her. That’s when Shane realizes that he can makes deals. So, like a college kid with his first credit card, he runs to Frank to make a deal with him too.

Shane then manages to win the Power of Veto competition that involves looking through soap suds for giant coins to toss into a vending machine so it adds up to exactly $1.30. Shane wins mostly because he has patience and accuracy, two virtues lacking in everyone else.

At the Power of Veto ceremony, Shane stands up and looks like he should have a platter full of roses to dole out one-by-one instead of a Veto necklace. In the end he doesn’t use the Veto, exactly like Britney told him.

If you thought this was boring, don’t worry. Tomorrow’s live show is going to be chock full of action as the new HGs start a revolution against the coaches. And that’s just the beginning of the insanity. It’s kind of like Big Brother‘s very own Arab Spring.

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