On Thursday’s episode of Big Brother 13, Julie Chen promised that a celebrity would enter the house. Well, it happened, and it made one HG very, very happy. Meanwhile, another one got one of the worst punishments imaginable.

SPOILER WARNING: This article contains Big Brother 13 spoilers.

Tori Spelling was in the house! Yes, Adam’s dreams finally came true and the Beverly Hills 90210 star showed up after Rachel opened Pandora’s Box (and she apparently gave Adam a kiss too). There was also a luxury competition just like the one from Jordan’s original season where the HGs got to grab a bunch of clothes.

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But Rachel didn’t get to meet Tori or have a shopping spree because, for opening Pandora’s Box, she was stuck in a room with none other than Mr. Pectacular, Jessie Godderz from season’s 10 and 11 of Big Brother. Yes, once again spending time with Jessie was punishment. CBS must really love that guy because this makes the fourth consecutive season that he’s appeared in (he was a HG on seasons 10 and 11 and was the Pandora’s Box punishment for Britney last season).

Based on conversations, Rachel was shown a video of Tori Spelling holding clothes and, being the total narcissist she is, Rachel assumed it meant Tori Spelling would help plan Rachel’s dream wedding to Brendon. For that thinking alone, Rachel deserves to lose this game.

Rachel said last night that if she was offered a Pandora’s Box, she wouldn’t take it because she saw how it could ruin your game like it did for Porsche last week. But the Box always gets opened, so I imagine, if someone refused, the producers would step in and try to talk them into it, though we’d never get to see that on TV.

Still, it’s amusing how Porsche’s Box affected the game, while Rachel’s Box was simply a mild inconvenience with no apparent game effect. I prefer these kinds of Boxes, where it doesn’t change the game, it just provides some entertainment for the episode.

Either way, I have to give credit to Tori Spelling for being a good sport and agreeing to show up in the Big Brother house simply because one HG is a huge fan of hers. However, much like Mila Kunis agreeing to go to that Marine Corps Ball, this opens the floodgates. Now every future Big Brother HG will just spend all summer talking about one celebrity they’d love to meet in hopes that CBS would get them to come to the house.

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