For the fourth time in five weeks, the HoH competition was not played on the live Thursday episode of Big Brother 13. I guess CBS is really trying to boost live feed sales. This week’s competition saw Rachel, Jordan, Adam and Kalia racing through a sticky goo to retrieve donuts. Whoever gets the most in 13 minutes wins.

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So who won?

SPOILER WARNING: This article contains Big Brother 13 spoilers.

Rachel is the new HoH.

Well duh. It was a physical competition and she’s competing against two overweight HGs and the waify Jordan, so of course Rachel won. Plus, she got to practice since it’s very similar to the first luxury competition from last season (remember when Kathy nearly died in the caramel?).

So now what? Well, here’s how it will play out. Porsche and Kalia will be nominated. If one of them wins the PoV, then Adam will go up as a replacement nominee, but it will still be a split vote and whoever is left between Kalia and Porsche will be evicted. There’s the slimmest of hopes that Adam could win, use it and backdoor Jordan, but he would never do that because he knows Jordan is the only person he could conceivably beat in the finale. Sorry folks, but there’s really no other outcome, unless Big Brother 13 adds a twist to help them, but of course, they won’t.

There will be a Pandora’s Box, but it will involve a celebrity. Gee, what a coincidence that when Porsche gets a box, it affects the game negatively for her, but now that Rachel is going to get one, it’ll probably be silly and harmless with absolutely no game implications.

The only good thing is that, as I said in my recap, only two people have ever won the game after winning the final 5 HoH (Jun in season 4 and Evel Dick in season 8), so odds are Rachel won’t win, especially since she can’t compete in the next HoH competition. Unless Pandora’s Box lets her play, at which point my head will explode.

To her credit, the win puts Rachel at five competition wins this season, and seven overall. She’s now tied with Brendon for third place (how fitting) behind Janelle and Daniele. And with five HoH wins, she is second only to Janelle, who has six.

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