The “live” show on Big Brother 12 ended with the start of the jungle-themed part 1 of the final HoH, an endurance competition that left Hayden, Enzo and Lane swinging.

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The competition was completed Tuesday night, but the live feeds didn’t come back until tonight, so keep reading to find out who won.

SPOILER WARNING: This article contains Big Brother 12 spoilers.

Hayden won the endurance competition.

In other words, Hayden now has three competition wins in a row, and he’s won four of the last six competitions he’s played in. Not too shabby.

However, it’s clear that, for the three members of the Brigade, winning doesn’t matter now. While Enzo and Lane might collect enough wits at the end to evict Hayden if either wins the last HoH, all three are so pleased that the Brigade is in the final three that the ultimate title doesn’t matter.

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Instead, they spend their time planning on making money with various business deals and bar appearances after the show, using their minimum celebrity to cash in right away. So instead of having a mindset of needing to win, they all think they’ve each made half a million dollars already based on their futures after Big Brother 12.

It’s probably true in this day and age where someone can gym, tan and launder and somehow make millions of dollars and go on Dancing with the Stars. However, the Brigade’s victory only fuels the delusion that being on a reality show makes you a celebrity and that 15 minutes of fame is a viable career path.

As a fan of Big Brother, this offends me because I want to see people who actually care about the game and want to win. Maybe the show should only let super fans on, because at least people like Ragan, Britney, Matt and even Rachel cared more about winning than they did about getting the money. And in the end, I want to see people compete to win.

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