Do you remember when father and daughter Dick and Danielle were the final 2 on Big Brother and, after a fairly exciting season, no one cared at the end? That’s exactly what’s happened on Big Brother 12. After a season of Rachel, Brendon, Ragan and Matt, all the drama is gone and we’re left with the dull final 4.

Usually everyone has to fight for their lives, but now it’s essentially Britney against the house, with the outside shot of Lane picking her over the Brigade. When HGs in the final 4 don’t need to win a competition in order to guarantee safety, there’s a problem.

However, I’m putting the cart before the horse. Maybe there will be a last-minute twist and Ragan will stay. And maybe pigs will fly.

Editing does magic, because the show makes it look as though Ragan is going to fight hard to stay and that Hayden is actually worried. However, this is all a show because anyone who follows the live feeds knows that it’s all pointless. The frustrating part is that we see Ragan talk to Britney and explain in a logical manner why keeping him is the smart move, and everything he says is 100 percent correct.

He then gives the same speech to Lane, and Ragan is so on the money with everything he says that it would be stupid NOT to evict Hayden. Watching logic and reason lose is the most painful thing for me.

Julie Time

We waste time watching the HGs dancing again. This filler is so bad. Hayden makes a corny joke and Julie laughs like she’s a smitten kitten. She’s actually quite randy with everyone.

Jury House

We finally head to the jury house. Ugh, I forgot how disgusting Rachel was. Rachel, Kathy and Matt are able to laugh about everything, which is refreshing. When Brendon walks through the door, Rachel is so disappointed, which is hilarious. That’s followed by the two of them kissing and being disgusting together.

Next we get to find out what happens when Matt tells the rest of the jury that he lied about his wife’s bone disease. They’re understandably offended. Brendon says Matt’s going to Hell and Kathy is morally outraged and curses at him. However, the fact that Matt doesn’t care at all about their disgust makes me love him so much, because he just doesn’t give a crap. I must be sick, because I adore this. The lie by itself isn’t that great, but Matt’s calm and collected love for this evil lie is what makes it something special.

If you’re offended, I won’t pretend to understand, because my psychological makeup is clearly similar to Matt’s in this respect. You either get him or you don’t.

Julie and Lane

Lane admits that he’d choose Britney over the Brigade because he’s here to win. But I guess he’s not really here to win that badly, since it’s clear Ragan is going home and Lane even acknowledged that keeping Ragan would give him a better shot to win.


Ragan is emotional in his speech, but then he bashes Rachel by talking about “ooey, gooey, yummy cookies.”

Hayden talks about their Steamboat snowboarding trip, which I am so sick and tired of hearing about.

Enzo votes to evict…RAGAN
Britney votes to evict…RAGAN


Congratulations, Britney, you’re the only person left who I like and I just lost all respect for you. There was absolutely no reason for her to evict Ragan if that wasn’t what she truly wanted to do. That was the weakest decision of her game, and that includes letting Lane, Hayden and Enzo bully her into backdooring Matt.

Ragan is willing to admit that he respects their loyalty and that if he stayed, he would’ve won the whole game. It’s so awkward watching Ragan talk about how Matt is “an excellent human being,” which could get messed up if Ragan reacts the same way as everyone else when he finds out about Matt’s lie about his wife.

Britney is an idiot saying that voting out Ragan would’ve hurt her, because there’s no way she could be in a worse position in the game right now. Enzo openly begs for Ragan’s vote at the end while Hayden campaigns more subtly, praising Ragan as a great ambassador for the gay community. I hope everyone else sees how devious and manipulative Hayden is, because I firmly believe that every single move he makes is calculated to win the game. I might respect him if he admits this at some point.

HoH Competition

The backyard is a Winter Wonderland. The task is to decorate their Christmas trees. They must maneuver their ornaments up a wall through a mesh fence and then put a star on top. This is so tedious and, in theory, Britney tinier hands would help, but she’s obviously very nervous.

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