With Britney and the Brigade left on Big Brother 12, I may need a lot of aspirin to get through the rest of this season. I can only listen to a bunch of dudes make plans to go snowboarding at Steamboat in Colorado so many times before my head will implode.

However, to fill time on Friday the HGs had a lengthy competition and the nomination ceremony, which doesn’t matter that much since the Power of Veto could easily change it.

SPOILER WARNING: This article contains Big Brother 12 spoilers.

Hayden is the HoH and he nominated Lane and Britney.

It’s clear that Hayden wants the Brigade to be the final three and he doesn’t have faith that Lane would choose Enzo over Britney (probably because he wouldn’t, based on what we’ve seen of his diary room sessions). Now this week is a coin flip.

If Hayden or Enzo win the PoV, the nominations stay the same and Britney gets evicted. If Lane or Britney win the PoV, the nominations change and, more likely than not, Enzo gets evicted. Congratulations, Hayden and Lane, you’re both in the final three.

Four Coins in the House

Additionally, today offered a luxury competition where each HG hid a coin in the house and then they tore the house apart looking for them. Whoever’s coin was found last won $10,000.

After an embarrassingly long four hours that included a lot of hints from Big Brother, Britney won. By my count, here’s the prize tally so far in the house:

Monet: $10,000 from the first HoH competition

Lane: $1,091.17 ($1,000 from the first HoH competition and $91.17 from Pandora’s Box)

Kristen: $110 from the first HoH competition (she was brought back and went a second time on the slippery wiener, so I assume she got both cash prizes)

Matt: $1 from the first HoH competition

Rachel: $5,000 from the pinball PoV

Enzo: A 3-D television from the pinball PoV

Ragan: $20,000 from being the Saboteur

Hayden: $5,000 and a Hawaiian vacation from the zoo PoV

Britney: $10,000 from this recent competition

So while the HGs love complaining that all they get are punishments, nine of the season’s 13 HGs have received a prize prior to the finale. Not too shabby.

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