Have you ever waited so long for something, and then when it comes it’s a disappointment? That’s how I felt Saturday night while watching Big Brother: After Dark when Lane, Enzo and Hayden finally came out to Britney as the Brigade.

The problem with the revelation is that there was way too much build-up. Britney was called into the diary room, leaving Hayden, Enzo and Lane to plan exactly how they would do it. Hayden wanted to take a shower first and do it in the HoH room.

The funny part is that, when it finally happened, Hayden wasn’t even there. He was called into the diary room next and Enzo and Lane slowly revealed it to Britney during a conversation. Enzo started talking about alliances and he told her that he was in a four-person alliance from day 2. He stammered a bit and tried to get her to figure it out, unable to come right out and say it.

Then it was out, Lane and Enzo walked through all their moves, and Britney sat back quietly not really caring. Once Hayden returned, he was upset that they did it without him, mostly because he knew he just missed out on prime TV time. Britney later asked if this meant she was definitely going home, and while Hayden wouldn’t (and couldn’t, based on the rules) tell her, he did admit that he wasn’t using the PoV he just won.

That finally pushed her over the edge and resulted in her crying. The Brigade then laughs it off because they don’t actually understand what it’s like to know you’re going to be evicted.

The whole thing was a big letdown with Enzo constantly saying that the Brigade is the best alliance ever. There was also a lot of talk about how Hayden is definitely going to win, so even though Hayden tried to push Lane and Enzo to ask if they’d take him to the end if they won the final HoH, neither would commit.

Was the Brigade That Great?

In hindsight, while I respect the Brigade making the final 3, it really wasn’t that impressive. Of the 10 HoH competitions, the Brigade won six of them, and Matt had the Diamond Power of Veto for one more. So even though they talk a big game, the truth is that they only had to sweat it out for three weeks.

Two of them were with Rachel as the HoH early on, which was so early that the Brigade didn’t really play a major role. The only real accomplishment of the Brigade was getting Britney to backdoor Matt, which was the one moment where the Brigade turned on itself.

So looking at the whole season, the Brigade never had any competition. Also, their argument for evicting Matt is flawed. Their primary complaint is that he was too close to Ragan, but if they went along with Matt’s plan to throw Ragan under the bus and get him nominated, the Brigade would’ve stayed intact and Matt would’ve had no choice but to be loyal to the Brigade, which he was all along.

This “great” reveal was certainly the last interesting thing that will happen in the house. Right now it’s just waiting for Britney to accept that death will take her and she’s going to the jury house through no fault of her own. Then fans of the live feeds and Big Brother: After Dark have to endure one week of Lane, Enzo and Hayden constantly talking about how great the Brigade is and how awesome their January trip to Steamboat will be.

Can we please start Big Brother 13 now?

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