The power is up for grabs in the last Big Brother 12 HoH competition before the final 3. It’s Hayden vs. Enzo vs. Britney for a guaranteed spot in the final 3.

'Big Brother 12' Spoilers: Live HoH Competition Results

The competition, set in a Winter Wonderland, began during the show and involved moving ornaments through a tiny grated wall. It’s essentially identical to a Power of Veto competition from last year where Kevin won by retrieving eggs (that was also the same week where it didn’t matter because Jeff used the Coup d’Etat).

Who won? See the live results below.

At the end of the live show, Hayden has five ornaments, Enzo has three and Britney has one. Then Julie drops snow on them.


Well, that competition didn’t last long. This makes three wins for him and it’s proof that Hayden is definitely going to win this season. He was sandbagging this whole time and now that the pressure is on, he wins two HoHs in two weeks.

It’s also good news for Lane since he’s definitely going to be in the final 3. Right now there are three possible outcomes.

Enzo votes to evict Britney over Lane

Britney votes to evict Enzo over Lane

Lane votes to evict Enzo(?) over Britney

The last one is the only remotely interesting possibility because it would force Lane to choose between Britney and the Brigade. It would also be interesting to see what Hayden would do if he wins PoV as well. Will he keep Enzo safe to ensure Britney goes home, or might he save Lane hoping Lane would save Britney. That would be smart, since it would turn Enzo against Lane and get rid of the only person who might beat Hayden in the finale.

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