Girls can be so mean. When guys have a problem with one another, they address it head on, but as Big Brother 12 proves, girls prefer to act two-faced, making catty comments about one another behind each others’ backs. The biggest perpetrators are Monet and Britney, and it’s not surprising that both of them have competed in beauty pageants.

This pair of mean girls is vicious, mocking everyone and acting smug and superior. Like every season of Big Brother, they are this year’s crop of self-satisfied, arrogant HGs who think they’re better than everyone else.

Vs. Andrew

The mean girls hate Andrew. After Rachel wins HoH he celebrated because he was certain Britney and Monet would target him. They take offense to this, probably because his excitement was an act of genuine honesty without subterfuge, and the mean girls are all about being superficial and two-faced. They also criticize his body, which is just catty.

Vs. Rachel

The mean girls also love making fun of Rachel’s giant breasts and how flabby her butt is. Of course they only say these things to each other. Even when they try, they can barely hide how much they don’t like the new HoH.

Vs. Kristen

The mean girls also call out Kristen for dressing more sexually, probably because she’s starting a showmance with Hayden. The real problem is that Kristen is better looking than Britney and Monet, making them feel insecure so they need to make catty comments to make themselves feel better.

Vs. The Haves

In the Have-Have Not competition, three HGs are taped to a wall while the others shoot water at them to make them fall off. Everyone targets Britney by shooting her in the face, which she claims is a personal attack on her. That’s incredibly conceited and foolish, because the real reason is that shooting her in the face would make her squirm, which would loosen the tape faster than just shooting the tape. Still, Britney being a victim feeds into the personal narrative she’s created or herself, so that’s what she goes with.

Vs. The Truth

The mean girls both go up to Rachel’s HoH room and tell her they would not have targeted her and Brendon if they’d won HoH. In the diary room, they both openly admit that it’s a total lie. I understand it’s part of the game, but you can’t be offended if other people openly lie to you when you’re doing the exact same thing. That’s hypocrisy, and it’s my biggest pet peeve.

Vs. The Nominations

Despite some second thoughts about Andrew’s overly enthusiastic reaction to Rachel’s HoH victory and Matt’s increased fake paranoia over being nominated, Rachel nominates Monet and Britney. Monet is a little defeated, but it’s no surprise since she hates Rachel. Britney seems more upset by the fact that she’s pre-menstrual and she doesn’t look pretty when she cries. Congratulations mean girls, your reactions to being nominated are just as superficial and vapid as you are.

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