With the first live eviction of Big Brother 12, I can’t decide what I’m most excited about. Is it the actual eviction? The new HoH competition? The first opportunity for the HGs to vote and chat with Julie Chen on live TV? Or the reveal of the Saboteur? Put me down for all four.

Even Julie Chen is getting into the showmance game, calling Rachel Brendon’s “showmantic partner.” Thank you, Big Brother, for introducing the term “showmance” into our lexicon.

Annie gets paranoid after being nominated, blaming Britney for getting backdoored then telling everyone that her alliance with Brendon is now off. The Brigade loves it because they are somehow not targeted at all for a plan they are responsible for.

It’s finally time for Julie Chen to reveal the big twist of Big Brother 12.

The Saboteur is … ANNIE!

Hahahahahaha!!! The Saboteur is going to be the first person evicted! This is too damn funny and Big Brother must have so much egg on its face.

Annie tries to throw people off her track when the Saboteur sends a message that the Saboteur is NOT on the block.

This news makes everyone think Brendon is the Saboteur and suspicions are flared when Annie tells everyone that Brendon is lying about being a swim coach since he’s actually a super smart physicist.

Annie’s Speech: She’s very nice and logically compares Brendon and Rachel to Jeff and Jordan from last season, laying out the reasons they should keep her.

Rachel’s Speech: Her speech is a lot like what you’d write in the yearbook of someone you don’t know that well.

Monet votes to evict … ANNIE
Andrew votes to evict … ANNIE
Lane votes to evict … ANNIE
Kathy votes to evict … ANNIE
Kristen votes to evict … ANNIE
Brendon votes to evict … ANNIE
Ragan votes to evict … ANNIE
Enzo votes to evict … ANNIE
Matt votes to evict … ANNIE
Britney votes to evict … ANNIE


Unanimous, that sucks. The Saboteur got sabotaged, and worst of all, Big Brother‘s “big twist” for the season is D.O.A.

Annie blames playing too hard, too early for her eviction. She also thinks Brendon is the strongest competitor in the house.

The goodbye messages are especially catty with Britney criticizing Annie’s shoes and makeup, Rachel calling Annie out for trying to steal her man and Ragan suspecting Annie was the Saboteur. Annie responds by calling Brendon her “sloppy seconds.”

HoH Competition

It’s the old standard where everyone answers a question and the majority answer wins, the minority is eliminated.

Brendon, Kathy and Kristen get eliminated first.

Enzo, Matt and Lane are eliminated second. Goodbye, Brigade.

Andrew is eliminated third.

Ragan is eliminated fourth.

Tiebreaker: How many gallons of caramel were in the pool during the Have-Have Not competition? The answer is 330. Britney writes 45, Rachel writes 80 and Monet writes over 700.


Ha, I love it when the nominee becomes HoH.

On Sunday, the HGs will learn that Annie was the Saboteur. That should be HILARIOUS!

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