This is going to be a strange week in the Big Brother 12 house. The Saboteur is out but power couple Rachel and Brendon are in charge. Today the HGs had their new Have and Have-Not competition (which took up more than three hours of blackout time on the live feeds) and learned the truth about the Saboteur.

Brendon and Rachel Drunk with Power (and Tequila)>>

This week’s Have-Nots are Enzo, Brendon, Monet and Britney and they’ll be getting fishsticks and fruitcakes to accompany their slop. I smell a lot of gay fish jokes at Enzo’s expense, and if not, then I promise to make them. If you have no idea what I’m talking about, just Google “South Park” and “Kanye West.”

That kind of sucks for Brendon since it will limit his ability to fully enjoy his week of power with Rachel. It definitely sucks for the sake of comedy as Mr. Meow Meow himself, Enzo, will feel less than purr-fect without food.

But the Have-Not situation sucks the most for Britney and Monet, who are the targets this week and who are almost certainly going to be Rachel’s nominees for eviction. Slop, cold showers, sleeping with bugs and being the targets? That’s a hard-knock life.

On the bright side, the HGs got one last visit from their friend the Saboteur to find out that it was Annie, the first person evicted. Needless to say, the house erupted in joy and pride over the fact that they evicted the Saboteur right away without even trying. The revelation also resulted in a long series of apologies to anyone who anyone else ever accused of being the Saboteur.

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It could also hurt Matt, who spent the morning telling Rachel his proof-positive theory that Britney is the Saboteur in an attempt to save himself.

Will Matt stay safe and will Monet and Britney be the nominees, as Rachel has said in a drunken stupor? We’ll have the nominees as soon as they’re announced in the house.

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