We all knew this was a problem going into Big Brother 12. The twist of the season, that one of the houseguests was a Saboteur working to cause chaos in the house, had one major flaw: that HG could be evicted. And in a perfect storm of bad luck for CBS, that’s just what happened when Annie was evicted about 10 minutes after she was first revealed to be the Saboteur.

What’s next? Will the season continue without any additional twists, or will Big Brother executive producer Allison Grodner scramble to add a few more monkey wrenches into the house to keep things interesting?

There’s already something different about Big Brother 12 with the evicted houseguests. Typically the first few HGs evicted would be allowed to go back home until we reached the final 9, after which those evicted would go into the Jury House. This season, however, Annie is being sequestered, which CBS would only do if her role in the game wasn’t over yet.

Could she or another HG get voted back into the house in a few weeks? There is a precedent.

Season 2

Amy was evicted in week 3, but in week 6, after the HGs voted, they decided that she deserved a second chance so she was brought back into the house.

Season 6

Kaysar was evicted in week 4. A public vote was held and, as the winner, Kaysar was allowed to return to the house one week later. The week after that, he was evicted again.

Season 9

In week 4, America voted on which of the first six eliminated HGs they wanted to return. After the eviction of James, the HGs were allowed to vote on whether they wanted to bring back James or the mystery HG America voted for. They chose James.

It seems likely that this will happen again. Perhaps it was even a part of the Saboteur twist the show didn’t reveal. Maybe after the Saboteur survived long enough to collect $50,000, Annie would’ve been automatically evicted and the HGs would be allowed to vote someone back in. Maybe after they evict four or five HGs, those still in the house will get to vote to bring someone back.

Time will tell, but Big Brother always tells us to expect the unexpected, so I doubt evicting the Saboteur will bring an end to the twists of season 12.

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