The Power of Veto episode for the first week of Big Brother 12 was all about Brendon. First he was the target for eviction, then he won the Power of Veto and now he’s the scariest person to the Brigade, Hayden’s four-man alliance with Enzo, Lane and Matt. Combined with his budding nerdy showmance with Rachel and you have a Big Brother star.

Undercover Lovers

Brendon’s journey began when he got hot and heavy with Rachel, making out under a blanket on the hammock. Not only were we treated to gross face-sucking sounds, but the whole house watched like a bunch of school girls. Don’t forget to wear a lab coat.

Understanding the Veto

The first PoV competition was a favorite of mine where HGs needs to collect lettered tiles from mayo-filled piñatas and spell the longest word they can. Here are the rather telling words:

Hayden = Possible (because anything is possible when you’re a hot young jock)

Enzo = Factory (because he’s definitely not the brains of the Brigade)

Monet = Cheaters (because she’s going to be the accusatory snitch of the season)

Rachel = Chemistry (because she’s a chemist, duh, and because she didn’t have enough letters for Augmentation)

Andrew = Pastuerized (because he’s a doctor, but he also wanted to purposefully misspell it to avoid becoming a bigger target)

Brendon = Understanding (because he’s awesome)

Sadly, no one spelled Technotronics.

Underground Alliance

The Brigade’s initial plan was to get Brendon out and Hayden even told Brendon that he wouldn’t change the nominations if he won the PoV. Bad move, because now Brendon is safe, their plan went up in fire and he’s made an enemy out of the strongest player in the game. While the original contingency plan was to get out Brendon’s showmance partner Rachel, suspicion turned when the Brigade believed Annie was in alliance with Brendon and Rachel, thus making her the new primary target.

Undercutting Trust

Everyone’s favorite wacky neighbor the Saboteur returns to claim that two people in the house are lifelong friends. This is so preposterous that I’m now convinced there is no Saboteur and that the real twist is that Big Brother is lying to the HGs to make them paranoid.

Why There Is No Saboteur>>

Possible theories include Brendon and Kristen being friends, Andrew and Kristen being friends, Annie and Matt being friends, Kathy being Britney’s mom and Matt and Ragan being a gay couple (which should come as news to Matt’s wife).

Underhanded Tactic

Enzo and Matt decide Annie has to go, but Hayden plays Hamlet, unsure of what to do. Enzo also strong-arms Britney into agreeing to boot Annie. Britney then plays a little mind game by telling Annie that Hayden thinks she’s in an alliance with Brendon and Rachel, causing Annie to go even crazier and work even harder to stay.

As such, Annie sealed her own fate and was put up as the replacement nominee with her eviction a near certainty.

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