Oscar Dahl is en route to Comic-Con, so I’m taking over Big Brother 10 recapping duties for the next two episodes. Previously on Big Brother 10: bodybuilder Jessie nominated the gay cowboy Steven and the quiet Dan, who is desperately distancing himself from the evicted Brian by staying as out of the game as possible. Michelle didn’t use the Power of Veto she won, but it did lead to a wacky game of telephone involving Keesha and Renny that led to Libra yelling at Jerry.  I’ll be here throughout the episode with updates on tonight’s live eviction.

Julie Chen, surrounded by a live audience, wastes no time making a “flexing his muscles” joke about Jessie.

Dan is all smiles about his “I’m a total wussy” strategy.

Steven goes whining to Libra, Ollie, Keesha and April about wanting to stay in the house and how he’s willing to do anything.  Steven argues that being a better competitor is a good thing to have in an ally.

Once Steven leaves, the foursome bad mouth Michelle for being in an alliance with Jessie.  To fight against that team, they decide to recruit a “floater.”

Dan goes whining to Michelle and Jessie, and he is putting on such an annoying whiny, almost-crying voice.  I get that he’s trying to come across as weak, but this is over the top.  Memphis and Angie also like Dan.  This makes two foursomes and one group of four “floaters.”

Time to talk to the houseguests!  Jerry thinks everyone else respects him as a competitor.  In the words of my grandmother, senility is setting in.   Libra ducks a question about whether age matters in Big Brother.  Julie Chen calls out the April-Ollie love match and Ollie thinks his pops would be cool with it, so long as he doesn’t disrespect any ladies.

The video package shows us the families of Jessie and Renny.  Renny’s son is named Sparky and we get some cleavage shots of a young Renny as a New Orleans Saints cheerleader.  Jessie’s parents inform us he was a scrawny child who developed into the overly-muscled man he now is, accompanied by shots of Jessie posing in the Big Brother house for an audience of adoring women.

In the one-on-one with Jessie, he claims that he’s more than just a body without a brain, claiming he got into exercise because he didn’t want to drink a lot of beer in college.  Um, are those the only two options?  How about smoke a bunch of weed and play video games.

Nominee speeches!  Dan flirts with Julie before wooing the HGs.  Steven spends his time delivering about one thousand inside jokes that fly over my head, though Porno Password sounds like a fun game.

Michelle votes to evict Steven.
Memphis votes to evict Steven.
Angie votes to evict Steven.
Jerry votes to evict Steven.
Libra votes to evict Steven.
April votes to evict Steven.
Ollie votes to evict Steven.
Renny votes to evict Steven.
Keesha votes to evict Steven.

It seems they know how to quit the gay rodeo champion rather easily.  During his interview, there’s an implication of a boyfriend back home waiting.  Jessie spends his whole farewell message talking about working out.  Dan doesn’t think of him as “gay Steven.”

Preparing for the Head of Household competition, aliens appear to the houseguests in the house.  Renny wasn’t scared, claiming she’s seen plenty of aliens on the streets of New Orleans.  The aliens then steal a bunch of items from the house.

Big Brother 10 HoH Competition: Alien Abduction.
The HGs go head-to-head in a series of questions about the missing objects/

April vs. Dan: April is eliminated.
Renny vs. Libra: Renny is eliminated.
Memphis vs. Angie: Angie is eliminated.
Ollie vs. Jerry: Jerry is eliminated.
Michelle vs. Keesha: Michelle is eliminated.
Libra vs. Dan: Dan is eliminated.
Memphis vs. Keesha: Memphis is eliminated.
Ollie vs. Libra: Ollie is eliminated.
Keesha vs. Libra: Libra is eliminated.

Keesha is the new HoH.

-John Kubicek, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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