Here are the best and funniest quotes from Sam and Dean Winchester’s adventures in the 10th episode of Supernatural season 12. Also, check out my recap of this episode.

Official Synopsis from the CW: “Lily Sunder (guest star Alicia Witt) steeps herself in black magic, honing her powers for over a century, waiting to exact revenge on a band of angels that murdered her family. Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles) must work quickly to stop Castiel (Misha Collins) from becoming her next victim.”

#8 “I don’t think we’ve got the kind of mom who’s gonna stay home and make us chicken soup for dinner.”

-Sam to Dean

#7 “Jelly beans and g-strings”

Dean: “Billie said there would be cosmic consequences if that deal got broken. Do you have any idea what that means?”
Sam: “No.”
Dean: “Neither do I, but I’m pretty sure it ain’t jelly beans and g-strings.”

#6 “You know what I like about him is that he’s sarcastic but he’s thoughtful and appreciative too.”

-Cas to Dean about Benjamin

#5 “I am not a hero, but sometimes doing the right thing requires sacrifices.”

-Cas to Ishim

#4 “My friendship with Sam and Dean has made me stronger.”

-Cas to Ishim

#3 “Patience is a talent. You’d be amazed what a person could do with a little bit of purpose and an abundance of time.”

-Lily to Sam

#2 “Revenge is all I’ve had for over 100 years. It’s what I am.”

-Lily to Sam, Dean and Cas

#1 “Let’s drink and hope we can find a better way.”

-Cas to Sam and Dean

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