Now that Jason Blossom’s body has been found, his death has officially been ruled a homicide. So who killed Jason on Riverdale? And will Archie come clean with what he knows?

Will Archie Come Clean?

Riverdale’s “Chapter Two: A Touch of Evil” begins with Jughead narrating yet again. Everyone had been hoping that Jason Blossom would miraculously come back until his body was found.

Archie, meanwhile, is having major guilt over what he and Ms. Grundy heard. He can’t sleep, so he texts Betty, but she’s not interested. So he sneaks out and runs to Ms. Grundy’s house. She’s furious he showed up and refuses to go to the police when he says he wants to come clean. She could lose her job, he could be expelled, and they could both go to jail. Fred heard Archie sneak out and questions him about it the next morning, but Archie doesn’t admit anything.

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Later at school, Archie stares at Jason’s memorial and Jughead starts making jokes. Archie gets super offended. Jughead then leaves when some of the jocks show up and start bulling him.

Can Betty, Veronica and Archie Be Friends?

Betty’s parents say they’re going to have some late nights. Her mom then tells her that Betty should see Cheryl, Veronica and Archie’s true colors. She hates them, and Betty should just focus on school. Instead, Betty goes and makes up with Archie. Even though he doesn’t like her the same way she likes him, she still wants them to be best friends. He can’t tell her mom they’re friends again, though.

Kevin and Betty later go to the office at school to find that Veronica sent Betty some apology flowers. She also ordered cupcakes from New York and scheduled mani pedis for them. She apologizes profusely and Betty forgives her. All is well with Betty, Veronica and Archie. Not even Betty buys that. She thinks Veronica will move on and forget about her eventually.

But Veronica’s determined to make their friendship work. They even partner up during chemistry class. Then Betty, Veronica, Archie, and Kevin all awkwardly hang out together at lunch and listen to Archie’s music. Betty starts tearing up realizing that her feelings could never be reciprocated. She can’t pretend like the past weekend didn’t happen.

Cheryl and the Vixens later practice for the pep rally. With Jason dead, all eyes will be on Cheryl. She needs to call in the Pussycats to make the pep rally amazing. During practice, Betty’s super frosty to Veronica. She says she and Archie were fine until Veronica showed up. “It is not my fault he doesn’t like you,” Veronica replies. It’s just the way it is. So Betty invites Cheryl to the mani pedis Veronica had given to her instead.

Veronica’s mom Hermione has started working at Pops. After practice, Veronica keeps her company and Archie shows up. It’s super awkward, and it gets even more awkward when Hermione tells Archie to walk Veronica home. They’re both upset that Betty’s not talking to either of them.

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The Investigation Begins

During school, the principal makes an announcement that the pep rally will go on as scheduled. He then hands the mic over to the sheriff. Jason’s death is now being treated as a homicide and he asks anyone to come forward. Cheryl adds that her brother will be avenged and she has her suspicions. Soon, the theories over who killed Jason start swirling.

Jughead has some suspicions too. He and Archie were supposed to go on a road trip on July 4th weekend, but Archie bailed at the last minute. “Is there something you want to tell me, pal?” he asks.

Others start questioning Cheryl. She told the police that her brother drowned, but he was shot. Cheryl maintains that they both fell into the water. She made it out, but he didn’t. Maybe he went to the other side of the river and got shot.

Archie asks Cheryl if there’s anything he can do to help. Not unless he was there and knows who shot Jason. He was there, of course, but he can’t tell her that. Her “twintuition” says the killer is someone they all know.

Meanwhile, the autopsy begins at the morgue. Betty’s mom suspiciously pays the doctor for information. The doctor sees ligature marks on Jason’s wrists and more. Something shady clearly happened to Jason.

Eventually, Principal Weatherbee calls Archie over. Why couldn’t Archie look him in the eye that morning? Does he have anything he needs to talk about? Maybe about Jason? Archie immediately goes to Ms. Grundy. He asks if what they have is real. If it isn’t real, then he doesn’t know what he’s protecting. She says of course it’s real! And if Archie talks, then they’ll never see each other again. Of course she’s probably just using him so he won’t speak and she won’t go to prison. Unfortunately, Jughead sees them together.

Later, Betty has Cheryl over who talks about how evil Veronica is. She apologizes for taking things out on Betty and asks how Polly is. Cheryl basically interrogates her about Polly because she thinks Polly killed Jason. So Betty tells her to get out of her house before she kills her.

At the same time, Jughead shows up at Archie’s house and says he saw him and Ms. Grundy together. He’s trying to be his friend even though they’re not really friends anymore. Archie admits she’s “one” of the reasons he’s been acting so weird. He also finally admits he heard the gunshot. Jughead tells Archie that he has to tell someone, but Archie refuses. Jughead argues that Ms. Grundy’s just messing with his mind to take care of herself, which is obvious. The Archie he knew would do the right thing.

Later, Betty’s mom says she thinks the Blossoms killed Jason. She also says she told Polly about Jason’s death. Betty asks why she was so against Polly and Jason’s relationship. She hates that family. Betty wants to visit Poly, but her mom changes the subject and says Betty should stop hanging out with all these bad kids like Cheryl, Veronica and Archie.

Later, a jock named Reggie starts questioning what Moose and Kevin were doing together in the woods when they found Jason’s body. Then he wonders if Jughead killed Jason. He’s the anti-social, weird type. Archie defends him though. So Reggie then asks if they killed him together and a fight breaks out.

Will Archie Do The Right Thing?

Archie vaguely talks to his dad about what’s going on with Ms. Grundy. He wants to do something, but the girl he’s with says it will ruin what they have. His dad’s just happy he’s talking to him at all. He says if he knows something’s the right thing to do, he has to do it.

So, during the game, Archie tells Ms. Grundy that he’s going to come clean tomorrow. If she wants to come with him she can, if not he’ll try to keep her out of it. Archie then tells Jughead he’s going to come clean. So they make up.

Archie, Betty And Veronica Make Up

Betty later tells Veronica that she was right about what she said about Archie. It’s hard to admit things like the fact that her mother is crazy, she may never see her sister again, and Archie doesn’t love her. Archie does like her, though, just not in that way. That could also be what Betty needs now.

Finally, it’s time for the big pep rally. The mayor introduces the Vixens and Josie and the Pussycats. They perform, but when the game starts, Cheryl sees her brother in Archie. And she completely breaks down. Veronica finds her and Cheryl says, “You don’t understand. He was supposed to come back.”

Betty shows up to find Veronica comforting Cheryl. She’s impressed that she was so nice to Cheryl and they agree to get some milkshakes together. They make a vow that no matter what, no boy will ever come between them again. What a great vow. Of course, that’s when Archie and Jughead show up. But Betty invites them to join them. Jughead narrates that it was really just Betty, Veronica, and Archie in that booth.

Cheryl Confesses

The next day, Archie goes to confess about his relationship with Ms. Grundy, but before he gets to the office, the principal and sheriff storm out. They go to the chemistry class and Cheryl turns herself over. She knows they found something during the autopsy. “I’m guilty,” she says. According to Jughead, the autopsy revealed that Jason really died a week before the Fourth of July. So did Cheryl kill her brother?

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