Can the professional snowboarders be stopped? Will they ever stop winning trips around the world that they could already probably afford on their own? No longer even remotely under the radar, Andy and Tommy are first to fly to Copenhagen, Denmark. There, they will choose a Ford Focus and drive to Vor Freslers Kirke bell tower. The Double U-Turn is back in hopes that someone will take advantage of it this time.

“NO! YES!” Jeremy says in response to Copenhagen. Who know he loved Denmark so much! Ernie and Cindy are at odds with Laurence and Zac, who were being a little shady about their flight plans. Laurence and Zac try a different path, that puts them in Copenhagen at 8:30 pm. The rest of the teams will arrive at 11:00 pm or 10:35 pm. Amani and Marcus figure no one will get a sooner flight, so they just sit back and get something to eat. Ohhhhh noooooo.

Amani and Marcus relax at the airport, while Laurence and Zac arrive in Copenhagen, to a very closed bell tower. At least they got there first! If Amani and Marcus can get there before 7:30 am, it will be all tied up. But no, they’re still at the airport by the time the tower opens. Their flight will arrive at 8:20 am, which upsets Marcus. But at least he is rested. Plus, if two other teams get U-Turned, they could catch up.

From the top of the bell tower, teams must look for two flags pointing them toward the Frederiksborg Slot. 400 steps is a lot of steps. Some teams are more careful than others. Bill and Cathi catch the second flag, along with Ernie and Cindy. Jeremy and Sandy find a castle called “Rosenberg Slot” and decide to go there. It is a restaurant. This is turning into a blunderous leg of the race!

Frederiksborg Slot could be hard to miss. It is huge and those Ford Focuses drove right on in. For the Road Block, the teams must dress in period costume and learn three dances from the Renaissance. The dance is complicated, and will undoubtedly frustrate Laurence somehow, even though Zac is doing the challenge. They even have to put on makeup! Zac looks like Lord Windemere.

Amani and Marcus arrive and catch up to Jeremy and Sandy, who had to climb all those steps again. I sense that Jeremy will be less excited about Copenhagen by the end of this leg.

The renaissance players are NOT amused by Laurence. Look how darling Cathi looks! She and Bill have been together since middle school! I love them so much. Ernie, who met Cindy in a bar, completes all three dances. That third one looks crazy!

Their next clue points them to Friland Museet. It is not going well for Zac, who is trying to use only his left feet to dance. He is getting frustrated, and Laurence was born that way. Cathi nails the dance, of course, and she couldn’t have been sweeter about it.

Time for the Detour: “All Hopped Up” or “All Churned Out.” All Hopped Up has team members leading rabbits through a jumping course they set up without knocking anything over. It is the cutest thing you have ever seen on this show, next to Bill and Cathi of course. For “All Churned Out” the teams will make butter.

Ernie and Cindy swore no more animals after their bad luck with sheep, so they are making butter. Oh come on, those rabbits are awesome.

Andy finishes all three dances as Zac can’t even manage the first. This is a defining moment for them as a team. Amani and Marcus have another terrible idea, as they struggle to find the giant castle. They attempt to stop cars to ask for directions, but it is not happening. Eventually, armed with another football metaphor, they are headed back in the right direction.

Bill and Cathi choose to churn butter as well. These dairymaids are tough customers, though, and Ernie and Cindy are asked to start over. At Frederiksborg, Zac finally completes the dance. Laurence admits he could have done it faster, but he does everything better than anyone else.

Ernie and Cindy make their butter just right, then head to the Double U-Turn at the windmill. Cindy insists they U-Turn Bill and Cathi, who are right on their tails. “Sorry guys, we need a win,” she explains to the iPad image of Bill and Cathi. You need it, huh? How could you? At least they will be adorable with the rabbits. Ernie and Cindy head to Havet Ship for the Pit Stop.

Bill and Cathi have made so much butter. But it’s rabbits for them. Bill and Cathi decide to use the other U-Turn on Laurence and Zac. Bill and Cathi choose an “eager” looking rabbit and hope for a clean run. It’s all about choosing the right rabbit. Hopper couldn’t do it and got tired, but Speckles was all about clearing those fences!

Sandy and Amani are dancing, staying focused with Marcus’s football analogies. Jeremy and Sandy resolve not to get lost on their way to the Detour. But they do, and Jeremy blames Sandy for not telling him they’re going North. Really?

Laurence and Zac choose butter-making, after Andy and Tommy. Little do they know they get to have fun with rabbits! Andy and Tommy are also great at making butter because they are good at everything. They send their clue flying across the room as they rip it open with buttery fingers.

Ernie and Cindy finish in first place, and Cindy got that win they “needed.” They’re going to Fiji. Why didn’t anyone U-Turn Andy and Tommy?

Yay, Amani and Marcus chose the rabbit Detour! This is an excellent pairing. Marcus is cheering on that little rabbit like he’s on the field. Then the pep talk!

Laurence and Zac discover they have been U-Turned, and Laurence does not respond well. He’ll probably be so pissed at the rabbit if it runs into one of the obstacles. He wisely chose Speckles, a champion of a rabbit.

Bill and Cathi check in second, followed by Andy and Tommy in third. Bill and Cathi admit that the U-Turn was “like kicking your mother and father to the curb.” Jeremy and Sandy choose to make butter, which is obviously way more difficult than this rabbit thing. They are so frazzled, they can barely churn.

Laurence and Zac finish (because Speckles is the best), and question their direction back toward Copenhagen. Laurence gets stuck in traffic, and speeds along on the shoulder. Go away, Laurence, I hate when people pass traffic on the shoulder!

Jeremy and Sandy manage to get ahead of Laurence and Zac, and check in fifth. The Double U-Turn claims Laurence and Zac as its victims. They’re eliminated, and Laurence is possibly the least furious we have seen him the whole Race. He explains that life is not all about the money, it’s all about not disappointing your father so much, right, Zac?

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