Mike’s dream of being a successful investment banker was crushed just as quickly as it was formed on Suits. In “We’re Done,” just as Mike found peace with his job loss, his entire world came crashing down around him and he was faced with no-win choices on every side. 

“We’re Done” was a soul-crushing hour on so many different fronts. It was horrible to see Mike struggle with his career choices and more devastating to watch him deal with Rachel’s betrayal. Given his emotional state, he almost went down the wrong path, but was saved by those who care about him.

Would you turn down $1 million to work for the devil? Out of a job, Mike maintained his integrity by immediately refusing to work for Charles Forstman. If nothing else, he learned from all the manipulations he pulled to try and save Gillis Industries.

The best decision Mike made was to visit Stan. The man lied on his resume and was fired, but he was able to recover from his firing and be happier for it. Mike may have been able to follow in Stan’s footsteps, if Rachel kept her mouth shut. 

I go back and forth about whether Rachel did the right thing by telling Mike the truth about kissing Logan. It was just a kiss, she did cut it off, and she was determined to never do it again. Given those circumstances, she probably would have been better off keeping quiet.

Even if Logan dropped the bomb on Mike at some point, it would have come across as vindictive and petty. Mike likely would have sided with Rachel in that situation and believed Logan was the aggressor.

It doesn’t really matter though, because Rachel did tell Mike and it ruined everything. Mike and Logan fought and Logan’s story about the kiss only made it worse. Whether Logan told the truth or not, Mike had a vision of the events in his mind.

Even after everything that happened between them over the Gillis deal, Harvey was there for Mike and supported his friend and mentee. Harvey couldn’t give Mike his job back, but he was willing to help Mike get a new job instead of going to work for Forstman. 

On top of Mike’s disappointments, Louis made a terrible and risky decision to save face with Harvey, which was compounded when he was forced to make an even worse one. The poor guy can’t catch a break.

Louis broke the law by funneling Forstman’s money through foreign banks to avoid taxes. He did it because he couldn’t face disappointing Harvey once again. In the short term, he avoided Harvey’s wrath, but when the truth comes out Louis is in big trouble. With the SEC nosing around, it’s more likely than not.

Forstman’s a smart man and didn’t made sure that Louis had a noose around his neck should the transactions be found. Forstman forced Louis to take an illegal fee for his work. If this was a one time deal, Louis could get out okay, though Forstman’s going to want more from him. A lot more.

Out of the mess of Mike and Rachel’s relationship and Louis’ work issues, Louis did find a hidden gem. He realized he wanted Sheila and would do whatever he needed to get her back. He initially wanted to use his reward from Jessica and Harvey to get more time to spend with her.

When Louis found Mike about to sign up with Forstman, he knew he had to save Mike from making the same mistake that he did. He could still get Sheila back without the reward, so he paid it forward by hiring Mike back to Pearson Specter.

Harvey couldn’t bring Mike back, but Louis could. Jessica was once again forced into having Mike work for her and hiding his secret. It’s too bad the writers couldn’t come up with a way to bring Mike back legitimately. Perhaps, that’s something that’s still to come.

It’s going to be a tense workplace going forward at the firm. Mike’s returning to work before he’s forgiven Rachel, Louis has the Forstman situation hanging over him, and Mike’s still a fraud.

At least, Logan appears to be gone, though I did feel a little sad for him as he saw Rachel from the elevator bay. He truly loves her and he didn’t do anything that she didn’t do when he was married. 

Mike’s fortunate to have people who care about him. Harvey, Donna and even Louis went out of their way to help him. When he returns to the firm, it will be intriguing to see if his relationship with any or all of them will be affected by their support.

There are troubles still hanging over them at the firm from the SEC and Forstman. And, Jessica, Mike, Rachel and Louis all have personal romantic issues to be resolved. With only three episode left this year, we’ll have to see which will be resolved and which will carry over to the final six episodes.

Suits airs Wednesdays at 9pm ET on USA.

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