The boys are back on top after Cory’s gender bending fragrance ad blew the judges away at the panel. Don’t get too cozy in that Tyra Suite, Cory. Jiana, still reeling from her close call, is a bit of a basket case. Cory takes some pity on her and chooses her to be his roomie. Phil starts hovering around Jiana, but she swears she won’t play the role of replacement girlfriend anymore.

As the number of contestants dwindle, the focus shifts to relationships in the house, both good and bad, and personal drama. Unlike the volatile relationship developing between Phil and Jiana, Chris H. and Nina continue to grow closer. Cory calls out Jeremy when he says he’s not trying to hook up with Jourdan. Jeremy knows she has a boyfriend and claims not to be a homewrecker.

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Friendly Fire

In an attempt to throw the girls off their game, Marvin, Don and Jeremy devise a prank. It involves a lot of masking tape, and the girls’ personal belongings. The girls are amused but unimpressed by the boys’ gag. Kanani does promise there will be payback.

Realizing the boys seem to be a pretty cohesive bunch, the girls determine their best course of action to win is to stick together as well. Even Renee and Jourdan put aside their differences.

Farm Fresh

For this week’s challenge, the models are told to create a campaign and fashion shoot forĀ  designer Jackie Fraser-Swan, a client and friend of Kelly Cutrone. Additionally, she’s the great-great-great granddaughter of Ralph Waldo Emerson after whom she named her sophomore clothing collection “Emerson.” The models are informed they need to really integrate the trend of living photography, also known as Flixel. The models are also expected to commit “random acts of modeling” which means taking everyday actions and making them look high fashion. To pay homage to Emerson, the location is a large, gorgeous farm.

The group is broken up into three teams. The captains were decided in advance based on last week’s top performers: Cory, Kanani and Don.

Kanani’s team consists of Renee and Jourdan. Renee explains the theme of their story is that they are three orphans that “get adopted by this crazy family, and are fabulously fixing a tractor.” It’s unclear what theme they are trying to convey. It looks like they just wanted to drape themselves all over a piece of farm equipment.

Don’t teams includes Nina, Marvin and nobody’s favorite, Jeremy. Their story is about two hot farm hands plowing (wink, wink) the wife of Jeremy, the wealthy farmer.

Cory gets to manage Jiana, Chris H. and Phil. Phil’s ADHD is starting to make him a bit of a liability. He gets a bit destructive and does damage to a fence. It must be time to adjust the dosage on his meds. Cory is going very high concept by playing an alien from the planet “Androgyny”, appropriate given his looks, who has just landed on a farm. Jiana and Chris H. are the property owners who discover him.

Kanani admits that neither her or Renee have been seeing eye to eye with Jourdan, but since this is a competition, her only concern is having the strongest people. Jourdan sees this challenge as an opportunity to show the girls she’s not the kind of person they think she is. She apologizes to both women for the scuffle over the phone.

Jackie, the designer, likes that Cory and his team took a risk, but she doesn’t think it sells the brand in the way she would like it to. Kelly adds injury to insult by stating that damaging property will reflect poorly on their overall performance. The designer thought Kanani’s team really sold the look. Kelly tells Don’t team they had the best photo, but it didn’t feature any “Emerson” clothing. Jackie Fraser-Swan only designs clothing for women. The guys’ outfits were basic, background pieces pulled by Kelly. Kanani’s team comes out on top.

You Always Hurt the Ones You Love

Chris H. throws a hissy fit back at the house because of his low challenge score. Nina steps in and tries to calm him down, but he turns on her too. Marvin thinks Nina should separate herself from Chris H. because he can tell the whole incident was emotionally draining to her. Chris H. gives her a hug, but it is obvious from Nina’s face that she is not over it.

Nails or Claws?

This week’s photo shoot showcases nail art, and each model gets to pose individually. Phil thinks the girls have an advantage since guys don’t know the first thing about selling fingernails.

During hair and makeup, Chris H. tries thaw out a frosty Nina, but doesn’t have much luck. When he doesn’t get the immediate response he wants, he gives up. Jiana says Nina, despite her savior complex, is over Chris H.. Jiana sees him as someone who will use Nina up and drain her.

The photographer, Franco Lacosta, is so over the top and intense, he’s like a sketch comedy character.

Nina blames her poor performance on Chris H. hurting her heart. She becomes overwhelmed and unfocused. Franco has no patience and tells her “all or nothing.” Chris H. struggles as well. He’s unable to handle the sight of Nina during his shoot , and he can’t deal with it.

Jeremy isn’t stoked by the idea of a solo photo shoot. He says they find each other attractive and like to flirt, but he manages to piss Jourdan off when he brings up their on screen kiss from the fragrance commercial. Jourdan finds Jeremy immature. She says his jokes imply he has a crush on her, and she thinks he’s annoying. Jourdan asks him why he’s so obsessed with her. Jeremy retaliates by saying this is why nobody in the house likes her. This exchange happens just before Jeremy steps in front of the camera. It definitely affects his performance because Franco points out that he lacks focus. It doesn’t help that Jourdan is running her mouth about Jeremy the entire time.

Renee and Don do well, but Phil struggles. After his behavior during the challenge, this puts him at risk for elimination. Kanani is also off her game, but not because of any roommate skirmishes. She’s still recovering from a prank the boys played the night before with clown dolls. She has a severe phobia, and the panic has yet to fully subside.


Kelly tells Cory he has a lot of masculine energy in his shot which is what they’ve been asking him to do every week. Rob is also a fan, and Tyra tells him his pic is “slammin.”

Rob tells Don he has the type of face that works for both editorial and commercial. Kelly doesn’t feel it’s one of his best shots. Tamra thinks it’s stunning but gives him some instruction on how he could have taken it to the next level.

Kelly adores Kanani, but Rob says she looks tired, and her eyes are dead. The fans are also complaining about the lack of intensity in her eyes according to Bryanboy.

Kelly tells Jourdan her shot is high fashion and the type of shot she’s been expecting from her since the beginning of the competition. Tyra stresses how crucial it is to show her neck. Even if Tyra isn’t completely blown away, her fans are.

Rob feels Phil looks too feminine while Kelly calls him a cross-dressing Roman gladiator. His social media scores are also in the toilet.

Tyra wants Jiana to learn to find her angles. Bryanboy delivers the news that her social media scores are the lowest to date.

Lucky for Nina, her fans thinks she’s killing it because Kelly’s critique is not complimentary.

Rob praises Chris H. for looking so masculine in spite of the nail art. Tyra finds the pic insanely gorgeous. Good thing he has some judge love because he isn’t getting it from the fans.

Rob finds Renee’s pic mediocre, and Tyra again criticizes a model for failing to elongate her neck.

Jeremy looks on the verge of tears after Rob tells him that the only thing that’s been getting him through his photos is his body.

Kelly says Marvin looks like a prisoner in the dungeon of divine. At least her compliments and insults are equally original.

Jourdan wins best picture for the second time. Marvin comes in second. Phil, Kanani and Jeremy are in the bottom three, but it is Jeremy and Kanani who are eliminated.

America’s Next Top Model airs Fridays at 9 p.m. on The CW.

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