The second round of auditions of the fifth season of America’s Got Talent aired Wednesday. And yes, the spark, talent and craziness was still there. But the auditions were just, for lack of a better word, meh. They were still entertaining nonetheless.

The good

No single act stood out as much as New Directions Choir and Michael Grimm did in Los Angeles. But ArcAttack, a technological performance group, was the most unique of the auditions.

ArcAttack is comprised of five men ]]>- two engineers, an electrician, a counselor and a janitor. Three play instruments while two put on a light show using electricity.

“If MIT had a marching band, this would be it,” said judge Howie Mandel. Of course, the group is headed to Las Vegas.

If any Dallas act comes close to standing out as much as the acts in Los Angeles, it’s Taylor Matthews. The 18-year-old sang an acoustic version of “Over the Rainbow.” Matthews didn’t seem confident when he first stepped on stage, giggling nervously every three seconds. But once he started singing and playing his guitar, all of the nerves went away.

“Are you still nervous?” Sharon asked the Louisiana native after his performance.

“I’m shaking like a dog,” he said. Shaking like a dog all the way to Vegas thankyouverymuch.

The most bizarre act that made it to Vegas came courtesy of Ms. Donna, a 57-year-old half-blind psychological examiner whose talent is twirling flaming Samoan knives. The judges and host Nick Cannon kept ducking their heads in fear every time she twirled with her flaming knives.

Donna made it through, although Howie said “no, just for your own safety.”

Other acts headed to Vegas include dog act Muttley Crew, funk band Le Freak, 11-year-old rapper CJ Dippa and 25-year-old plus-sized burlesque dancer Erin Go Braughless.

The bad

Without missing a beat, Talent had its share of bad auctions.

It was bad enough that self-proclaimed singer/actress/model Jenna Adora Somar thought she was already a star. But she made a horrible song choice during her audition, fittingly singing “You’re No Good.” Piers and Sharon each gave her a no; Howie, instead, tipped her cash (she wore way too much makeup and a mini dress that was two sizes too small). Sharon told her that the only thing missing from her act was a pole. Oh my.

The gross

Clearly, some acts make it through to the auditions round just for the “WTF?!” factor.

Hence the “genital daredevil” Jeremy Kinison, better known as Cut Throat whose talent was setting his family jewels on fire with firecrackers with help from last-minute assistant Nick Cannon.

Sharon and Piers hit the buzzer before Nick ignited the lighter. But Howie waited patiently to see Cut Throat go all up in flames while Nick yelled “Howie, hit the buzzer!” Sharon eventually hit Howie’s buzzer herself thus sending Cut Throat home.

The ratings

Tuesday night’s premiere drew in 12.3 million viewers, higher than Fox’s Glee, which drew 9.45 million. Talent also beat out the season openers of Fox’s Hell’s Kitchen and ABC’s Wipeout.

America’s Got Talent continues next week with auditions in New York City Tuesday and Chicago Wednesday.


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