Despite being off the set of America’s Next Top Model, these contestants can sure stir up some trouble. Sources have reported that Cycle 4’s Brandy Rusher was taken into custody recently. But with what she’s displayed in the past, this isn’t really that appalling.

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According to ABC Local, the 25-year-old Brandy Rusher was charged with a misdemeanor last week. She resisted arrest when authorities knocked on her door due to complaints of loud music.

The former America’s Next Top Model contestant supposedly shoved and pushed one of the officers. She then cursed the police, later attempting to flee and avoid incarceration. However, they caught up with her and arrested her in Houston.

Styleite notes how Brandy Rusher never did show the most graceful behavior on America’s Next Top Model. It was even one of the reasons she was eliminated from the competition.

Before she came into the show though, she was sporting a vibrant personality and a bright red afro. Eventually, her emotions got the best of her and led to her departure from the show.

She was cut from the competition in the third episode, but still strived to continue modeling. After all, she showed a lot of potential when Cycle 4 started out.

In case you don’t remember much of Brandy Rusher (who really does, anyway?), you can find a clip of her final hours in America’s Next Top Model below. It seems as though that photographer struck quite a nerve.

With this arrest, it seems as though she could’ve worked a bit harder to change what the America’s Next Top Model judges wanted her to. They challenged her to control her temper and she failed.

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It’s true, she could’ve avoided getting cuffed and taken away if she just complied with what the authorities wanted, which is to lower down the volume of her stereo. Wouldn’t have been that much trouble, would it?

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