Another season of Big Brother will be premiering this July, but the rumors are already circulating regarding the end of the CBS show. The network hasn’t quite opened up about the issue, but season 6 alumni James Rhine has a few words to say about it.

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The former contestant, who also had a stint on Big Brother: All Stars, shared his thoughts on the upcoming season to TVGrapevine. He’s been a popular alumnus of the show, so whatever he has to reveal could be significant to the program’s outcome. That is, until the network refutes the statement.

Asked about what he thought about Big Brother 12, he said: “The rumor circulating amongst us is that we all heard that next season will be the last. They will absolutely try to do something, incorporate the whole houseguests.”

We’re hoping he hasn’t confused this with the UK version of Big Brother, which has announced its end this summer. The rumor there, on the other hand, is the return of former houseguests.

It’s possible that that’s what James Rhine and the other alumni have heard, since he kept referring to an all-star version in the interview. Still, he cleared it up when asked again, if season 12 of the CBS show will be the last.

“Somebody was talking about that up at the reunion, up at Oregon. I’m not sure,” he said.

According to WireUpdate though, there’s still a chance for Big Brother‘s renewal, in case this season is indeed the final one. It all depends on the ratings of the show, especially in the targeted demographics. Given the number of fans that this series has, it’s unlikely that it would be canceled so soon anyway.

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But it’s still too early to tell. With the change in schedule (Thursdays, Sundays, and Wednesdays now, 8pm), there could also be a change in numbers. Fingers crossed, that change will be better for Big Brother.

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