In the description for Monday’s Bachelorette episode, we learn that some of the guys will join Ali on a group date to shoot a Barenaked Ladies music video, in which each man gets to share a steamy scene with Ali.

“But nothing compares to one man’s outrageous bedroom scene that ends with a passionate kiss,” says the description from ABC, “which is so hot, it sends one of Ali’s frontrunners into a jealous tailspin.”

Which man gets the bedroom scene, and which frontrunner flips out? Today’s Bachelorette sneak peek shows it all:

Easy there, Frank! For a screenwriter, you’re pretty unfamiliar with a little concept called “acting.” And even if Ali isn’t acting, well … you’re on The Bachelorette! You did know you were going to have to share, didn’t you? And it looks like Ali has no problem with spreading her love around.

Ali will eliminate three more men, going from 14 to 11, when The Bachelorette Episode 3 airs Monday, June 7 at 8pm on ABC.

See Photos from the Barenaked Ladies Video Shoot: