With a win in Sin City on the line, the contestants of True Beauty are bound to do whatever it takes to get ahead in the competition. We shouldn’t be surprised by the cheating and the lying though, which has been part of this show since season one. However, there might be a real gem amongst this crowd.

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Hoping to sift out those unworthy of winning True Beauty are judges Beth Ostrosky and Carson Kressley, who recently divulged details of the series’ new installment. The premiere featured the contestants thinking over the opportunity to steal, but what else is in store for them?

“It’s bright, it’s energetic, it’s Las Vegas. The contestants are drinking, they’re partying, they’re in bikinis, they’re all beautiful,” Beth Ostrosky told Zap2it. Given that sort of temptation, the challenges just have to be improved.

“It’s excessive,” Carson Kressley said of the game. “They’re there to win $100,000 and be in People magazine and be what they think is the face of Vegas. Being in that environment just upped the ante.”

He went on about other possibilities they presented to the contestants, hoping they’d show their good nature. That is, if they really have any. According to these two though, that inner fortitude is just tough to spot.

“One [challenge] there’s a pregnant woman — who is not really pregnant, she’s one of our actresses — who is having a cocktail and smoking a cigarette. You’re standing in the elevator, it’s just the two of you, would you say something?” Kressley explained.

“Or one challenge is would you stop a drunk driver? We had an actor who is obviously inebriated and is getting into a car with a six pack,” he went on.

Hollywood Outbreak also posted their own interview with the two judges, pointing out the risks that they took just to pull through with True Beauty. Lying to contestants about the contest was hard enough for them, but it was the aftermath that they really found troubling.

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We’ll get to see all this throughout True Beauty‘s run. Catch the show as it airs every Monday at 10pm on ABC.

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