The votes are in! Which four acts will be moving forward to be beaten out by the four acts that move forward next week? Let’s get real for a second: next week is stacked. Oh my god, just when things were getting real, there was a whole segment dedicated to promoting that Smurf movie. Kill me now.

Let’s pretend that brand integration never happened. Ian Johnson, Summerwind Skippers, and Purrfect Angelz are first to the stage. It could or couldn’t be any of them. Nick announces that the act moving on is … NO ONE! They’re all out. What a bummer. Piers thought it might have been Summerwind Skippers but he was wrong.

After more Smurf promos, and the What’s Poppin’/Nick Cannon Tries Too Hard segment (I’m just glad it didn’t involve the Smurfs), Stevie Nicks performed! I love you, Stevie. Season 5 winner, Michael Grimm is opening for her on tour! Stevie Nicks predicted it all. Do you think that’s awkward for Fighting Gravity?

PopLyfe and Landau Eugene Murphy, Jr. are next to the stage. Are they both in? The act moving forward is … both of them! Everyone celebrates, unlike the downer moment that started this results show. Sharon thinks both acts will be in the finals, but I’m not sure about that. It seems like America is listening to the judges this season, though!

The next group to meet Nick Cannon/Fate is Mauricio Herrera, Captain & Maybelle, Lys Agnes, and Monet. I think Lys Agnes will be in. I’m right, not that it was that hard. Lys Agnes is in the semi-finals. Not a super eventful night, overall.

Finally, Fighting Gravity is here to entertain us yet again. Man, this act is so cool, and they’ve just gotten better since last season, especially since they have longer than 90 seconds now.

Professor Splash, Sh’Boss Boys, and Seth Grabel are the only acts remaining. Before they find out that Professor Splash is moving forward, Stevie Nicks performs one of her old hits, “The Edge of Seventeen.” Thank you, Stevie!

Back to the results; the act out first is Sh’Boss Boys. They are so young that one of them didn’t realize they were out. Alright, so that’s out of the way. Will the judges choose Seth Grabel or Profesor Splash? Professor Splash promises fire dives, Seth Grabel promises “so much more” and “going big.” I’m not really sure who should move on. Maybe Seth Grabel so that no one dies on this show?

Sharon votes for Seth Grabel, who jumps up and down like a little kid. Professor Splash gets a vote from Howie so, surprise surprise, it’s down to Piers. Piers, after mentioning his Twitter followers outnumbering Howie’s (stop with that already!), puts Professor Splash through to the semi-finals.

Next week is going to be so major, guys. I hope you tune in!

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