Blondes vs. Brunettes, it all comes to a head starting with Part 1 of the Season 4 Reunion! Almost everyone started out in a good mood except Alex, who was immediately pissed. And Ramona immediately told Andy that she has her period right now. Ughhhhhh nooooooo. Here are, from what I could discern, my favorite moments from Part 1 of the RHONY Reunion. 90% of it was just the women talking over each other.

It’s been so long that I almost forgot about the first fight of the season: Alex vs. Sonja at the March for Marriage Rights! Alex feels like aliens took Sonja away for a few weeks then brought her back. Oh, that thing that happens.  But it’s because of that fight that marriage equality passed in New York! Of course!

Kelly Bensimon is one of the “five most nicest celebrities ever.” Sonja is one of the five most bankrupt. Kelly was offended by Sonja’s vajonia.

Sonja is not poor and her house is not dirty. Sonja broke down talking about her money, and the breakdown of her marriage. It was very sudden, and very odd. The reunion shows always bring in all this outside stuff we didn’t see on the show.

Jill vs. Ramona: Battle for the Ages. The thing was that, while watching all the fights in succession, the other Housewives seemed really uncomfortable. I was, too. The best part, though, was when Jill just said “you are an effing bitch,” point blank to Alex’s face. Jill was really full of piss and vinegar at the reunion, and Alex was being completely intolerable.

Andy Cohen tells the ‘Wives to shut up. His response to Ramona’s question about wearing a dead man’s suit at a wedding? A tired, “I don’t know.”

Cindy said pretty much nothing at all for a while. At least there was one woman who knew when to keep her mouth shut this season. When asked, Cindy admitted to being disdainful of the Blondes, and seemed honestly perplexed by Ramona’s behavior. I don’t blame her, Ramona kept saying things that made no sense like, “our friendship went A-Wire.” Cindy has had ENOUGH!

The Countess keeps it classy. I think she handled herself the best of all the Housewives during Part 1. And Ramona probably came out the worst, looking completely unhinged. But not completely crazy and alien like Alex …

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