Sadly, my Game of Thrones week on Big Brother 13 is coming to an end. I decided that this week the HGs resembled the characters of the brilliant HBO drama based largely on apparent fractures between the two primary warring couples: Brendon and Rachel (the evil and powerful Lannisters) and Jeff and Jordan (the noble Starks). The problem is that, while Game of Thrones featured the two in a brutal power struggle, the Big Brother 13 couples have reached an uneasy peace.

SPOILER WARNING: This article contains Big Brother 13 spoilers.

Brendon won the Power of Veto and did NOT use it.

This may not sound epic, but it is. Over the weekend Daniele was pushing extremely hard for Brendon and Rachel to use the PoV and backdoor Jeff, but instead, it had the opposite effect. Brendon and Rachel decided to tell Jeff and Jordan about this plan and solidify their final four alliance. That also means Daniele has gone from a silly fly on the wall to public enemy number one in a matter of days.

It also means Daniele’s closest ally, Dominic, has to suffer for her misdeeds. Originally the idea was to evict Adam and have Dominic work with the veterans. But because of Daniele’s power play, they plan to evict her closest buddy, Dominic. It’s a real shame because he did absolutely nothing wrong other than trust Dani, and she destroyed his game for him.

The situation has also caused a lot of steam to build up in the Big Brother 13 house, and a huge explosion seems eminent. Jeff is livid at Daniele for turning on the veterans so early and is just waiting for an opportunity to go off on her.

Meanwhile, the newbies are mostly scurrying for cover. Shelly is playing a strange game where she’s pledged allegiance to the power couples and seemingly wants them to win more than she wants to win herself, which is offensive to my competitive spirit. Everyone doesn’t trust Lawon, but nobody wants to waste the time or energy to evict him. Kalia seems to be playing every side she can while maintaining no true allegiance. Porsche has gone from insignificant to invisible and Adam is just sitting back and letting Daniele sink Dominic.

The aftermath of Daniele’s actions will most likely run into next week, and with everyone assuming the HoH competition will be endurance, I’m hoping and praying Daniele wins it and really causes the other veterans to crap their pants. If not, I hope a newbie wins and is willing to nominate the power couples, because otherwise, they’re just going to run the table and dominate the season like they’ve been doing so far. Daniele’s game may be erratic and crazy, but I hope she serves as a freedom fighter and opens the newbie’s eyes to the injustices their evil veteran overlords are perpetrating on them.

The truth is that Brendon and Rachel and Jeff and Jordan are definitely together to the end, and they keep promising everyone else (Shelly, Porsche, Kalia, etc) that the veterans have their back. The problem is that this song-and-dance can only last a few more weeks. If you want to play just to finish in fifth or sixth place, this is a great strategy. But if you want to win, you need to line up behind Daniele and rise up against the fat cats in power. We need a revolution, and Dani is the only person willing to step up and be a leader of the resistance.

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