Jeff Schroeder was voted America’s Favorite when he first competed on Big Brother 11, and ever since then he’s been remembered as a great guy. I’ll admit that I too was enamored with him during his season and thought of him as a fine, upstanding dude. But ever since returning for Big Brother 13, that shine has worn off and he’s been exposed as nothing but a bully.

A lot of people turned on him when he made his homophobic remarks about how wrong it is that Dumbledore from Harry Potter is gay, and yeah, his statements were pure idiocy, but this week, it’s his gameplay that has turned me against him.

SPOILER WARNING: This article contains information from the Big Brother 13 live feeds not shown on TV.
This week, Daniele concocted a plan to convince Rachel and Brendon to backdoor Jeff. But Rachel and Brendon decided it was a bad idea and told Jeff and Jordan about the move, solidifying their four-person alliance and turning on Daniele. As a result, Daniele’s most trusted ally in the house, Dominic is getting screwed this week.

I would be fine with that, except for the fact that Jeff is being a total d-bag about it. First, he’s constantly grilling all of the newbies for information and acting like he doesn’t know who started the idea to backdoor him. He also has the audacity to complain about how others are lying to his face when they deny knowing about it, which is completely hypocritical because he’s not being truthful either about what he knows.

That’s the way to play Big Brother, I guess, get others to tell you everything while telling them nothing in return, but Jeff gets angry when people don’t go along with that incredibly unfair, one-sided deal.

But this is where I get upset with Jeff. Dominic originally made a plan to work with the veterans, throw the Power of Veto competition, and get Adam evicted. He made this deal with Rachel and Brendon, because they’re the ones in power. Jeff, however, is angry that Dominic didn’t tell him the plan, and he’s also angry that Dominic didn’t come to him to warn him that Daniele was trying to backdoor him.

This is where he’s just being an obnoxious bully. Jeff isn’t in charge of anything, so Dominic didn’t owe him anything. Dominic also made the deal with Rachel and Brendon, so why wouldn’t THEY have told him about the deal? If I were Dominic, I would’ve assumed Rachel and Brendon were telling Jeff everything, so why repeat it?

Second, as to why Dominic didn’t run to warn Jeff about Daniele’s backdoor plan, it was an odd position for him to be in because Daniele was supposed to be in the veteran’s alliance, so was Dominic just supposed to go and rat out Jeff’s alliance member to him? Wouldn’t that have seemed suspicious?

At the end of the day, Jeff is angry that Dominic didn’t tell him something Jeff already knew, which is stupid. Jeff has also made it abundantly clear that the only reason they’re getting rid of Dominic is because Daniele likes him, and since they can’t vote out Daniele this week, Dominic is the next best thing.

The situation, by itself, is frustrating. Dominic did nothing wrong this week, but because Daniele overplayed her hand and pushed to backdoor Jeff, Dominic is going to be evicted. It wasn’t his gameplay that was bad, it was Daniele’s and Dominic is being punished for it.

That unfair scenario is only compounded by Jeff’s obnoxious, self-righteous attitude. He acts like everyone owes him everything and he owes nothing to anyone. He’s intimidating the others into giving him whatever he wants, like the big kid on the playground who demands payment for the right to play on the swing set.

Jeff’s attitude is definitely similar to how Brendon and Rachel feel, like they get to do whatever they want and no one else is allowed to have any say, but at least Rachel and Brendon have won two HoHs and two PoVs. Jeff, for all of his bluster, hasn’t won anything (even Jordan has won an HoH and the luxury competition). Jeff needs to be evicted. He needs to be taught a valuable lesson and he needs to be shown that he doesn’t get to strong-arm everyone else in this house without consequences.

I really hope that Daniele, Kalia, Lawon or Adam win this next HoH and have the guys to finally target Jeff and the rest of the Power Couples Alliance. If not, Jeff’s infuriating and douche bullying will just continue unchecked for the rest of the season.

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