Tonight, in addition to finding out who is leaving American Idol, we will be treated to a performance from Stefano Langone. Yes, THE Stefano Langone! And some person named “Katy Perry” I guess. This week, the contestants performed songs from Queen, and songs of their own choice. The judges rose to their feet no fewer than three times, and I wasn’t sure how to feel about any of it. John thinks that, based on stats, Skylar will be going home tonight. I think, based on anger, it will be Elise. That “what the other contestants think of you” clip package did her no favors.

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I sure hope Ryan Seacrest is feeling better! The show just isn’t the same when he half-asses it (or would his illness reduce it to quarter-assing?). He certainly looks recovered. Before things move forward, “The Queen Extravaganza,” hand-picked by Brian May and Roger Taylor themselves, perform “Somebody to Love.” I remember hearing about this, and everyone talking about how much this guy looks and sounds like Freddie Mercury. I’m all about that sassy guitar player, though.

I enjoyed this performance VERY much. I will never get tired of seeing Roger Taylor and Brian May bust out on stage. They are just the coolest! Everybody else go home.

Ryan tells us it’s hard for the contestants because “their bond is working like magic,” and they sing that effing “I’ve Got the Magic in Me” song that I swear has been covered on a Ford Music Video every single year and maybe twice this year. Don’t applaud for that, audience, it does not merit applause. Hollie looks amazing tonight!

And now, the American Idol contestants go to TMZ, which tends to be a segment I enjoy. Skylar is just so adorable. It turns out there’s a male strip club called “Mantasia.” No one had any solutions for Elise, who looks mad by default. Why was Nigel Lythgoe there, though? He must have invited himself.

Up first to the stage: Jessica and Elise. I’m glad we are getting Jimmy’s thoughts again, I missed him last night. The playback showed Jessica’s “Bohemian Rhapsody” performance better than I remembered it. The judges over-praising her was just how I remember it, though. Jimmy called “Bohemian Rhapsody” scary and “less Queen, More Stephen King.” He is proud of himself. He thought “Dance With My Father Again” was clever and demonstrated a knowledge of rhetoric.

What did Jimmy think of Elise? He thinks she picked the wrong Queen song (what! I thought it was great!), and it came off as “clubby.” Jimmy thought “Bold as Love” was a bad choice because it’s more of a performance piece for someone playing the guitar and singing. What did America think? One is safe, one is in the bottom. Jessica is safe, Elise goes back to her stool, which is still warm from her regular spot in the bottom three.

Look at Casey Abrams, future gnome!

Now look at Stefano Langone, who is looking more confident than ever before on that stage. Good for him! Can’t say I care for the song, particularly the part that goes, “it’s. the. best. night. of. my. life” all robot-like. He’s dancing, though, which is something he didn’t get to show off much on this show. He has improved as an artist, I think, and that makes me happy.

Hollie and Joshua are next. The friends! Hollie is more nervous than Joshua, probably. Who does Jimmy think should be more nervous, though? Jimmy thought Hollie did a good enough job with “Save Me,” and thought “The Climb” was a great choice. There was an odd break before we looked at Joshua’s highlights. Jimmy thought Joshua did a great job interpreting both songs and choosing them. Smart! “If Joshua gets voted off tonight, there is something wrong with the competition, the voting, the entire ball of wax,” Jimmy says. What a dated expression.

Best friends: who stays, who goes? Hollie is in the bottom three, Joshua is safe. Jimmy will be relieved to know there’s nothing wrong with this ball of wax.

Oh jesus, Steven Tyler is in a Burger King commercial, immediately followed by Jennifer’s Kohls commercial. But where is Randy’s commercial?

Now Katy Perry sings “Part of Me,” and Steven Tyler enjoys another chicken tender becoming a part of him. She seems tired. Maybe she caught the Ryan Seacrest Too Much Money Flu.

Now it’s down to Skylar and Phillip. I thought Skylar had a great night, but Phillip is a favorite! Let’s see what Jimmy has to say. Jimmy thought her second song was “a little self-indulgent.” Jimmy thought she got knocked out in Round 2. Phillip “ladykiller” Phillips was divisive. Jimmy lets us in on a secret: Phillip was sick this week, too! His energy suffered as a result.

Skylar is in the bottom three, Phillip is safe, and Phillip will probably win this whole thing. Skylar is safe, though, actually, so she heads back to the couches. Whew!

Ryan sends the four contestants who are safe back to their couch. They object, but Ryan is in charge. Elise is eliminated. It had to happen. She was great, but this just wasn’t the right place for her. It’s too bad that all these contestants have to see their moments play over a twangy Scotty McCreery tune. Goodbye, Elise, get back with your band!

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