This week on American Idol, the Top 6 will sing songs by Queen. When I heard this, at first I was like, “yeah!” because Queen is awesome and has some great music. But then I remembered the six contestants we’re left with, and I am not sure I can see this going well for all of them. I do think it could be a good week for Elise, and Phillip again (as usual, it seems). I’m sure Skylar can turn something out, too, but I’m interested to see how Hollie and Jessica, and Joshua, take on this challenge.

Here are my choices for what they should sing. I figure they’ll each perform twice so my picks have a good shot this week! As good a shot as any. I hope they don’t sing duets again. One thing is for certain: whoever sings “Bohemian Rhapsody” will perform last. And the group number very well may be “We Are the Champions.” 

Jessica Sanchez

“Lily of the Valley”

Oh god, this is the worst week for Jessica! I’m going through the list of Queen songs and I’m like “no, no, no.” It’s not exactly “Divas Live!” week. It’s not exactly one of their greatest hits, but “Lily of the Valley” is one of Queen’s more emotional ballads that I could see Jessica singing. Maybe she’ll sing “Jealousy”? I wouldn’t count on Jessica to choose one of the more popular Queen hits, since she has proven weak in the song-choosing category.

Joshua Ledet

“Somebody to Love”

The thing about Queen songs that are going to work for Joshua week is that they are incredibly anthemic. “Somebody to Love” is pretty epic, but there’s no question Joshua’s voice can handle it. He also has the spirit and passion necessary to carry a song like this off. It gets a little gospel-y, so I think this could actually turn out quite well.

Elise Testone

“I Want to Break Free”

She wants to break free, doesn’t she? Free from the bottom three! I can hear Elise singing this and I think it would be a great fit for her voice. She can sing something that “rocks” a little harder for her second song, assuming they get one. Elise could do “Liar” really well.

Phillip Phillips

“Crazy Little Thing Called Love”

It’s got everything that’s right for Phillip: barely discernible lyrics, a good lilt, and not too much yelling or high notes. This is a good “first song” for Phillip, and then he can follow up with “Fat-Bottomed Girls.” Alright, I don’t think anyone will actually sing that this week, but I would love it if someone did! Maybe Phillip can sing “Killer Queen” or “Death on Two Legs.”

Hollie Cavanagh

“Radio Ga Ga”

If this is a difficult week for Jessica, it’s a hard one for Hollie, too. “Radio Ga Ga” is a fun song to start with, with a good pace and a Hollie-type clarity. Then she could follow up with a slower jam like “Miracle” or “One Year of Love.”

Skylar Laine

“We Will Rock You”

Imagine her singing a cute, feisty, country version of “We Will Rock You.” It’s great, right? Skylar knows a thing or two about “mud on your face” and “kicking your can all over the place.” Can? Is it can? Whatever. My only reservations are that this song doesn’t show much vocal range. Hopefully they’ll each sing twice and she can open with this, then close with something with a more powerful vocal, maybe “Spread Your Wings,” because it’s a story song that could potentially go country/rock (crock?).

What would you like to hear them sing?

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